Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion

September 1, 2009

Phase A
Water (deionized)
Versene NA (Dow Chemical) (Disodium EDTA)
Rhodicare XC (Rhodia) (Xanthan gum)
X-Tend 226 (ISP) (Phenethyl benzoate)
HallStar GC (HallStar) (Caprylic/capric triglyceride)
SolaStay S1 (HallStar) (Ethylhexyl methoxycrylene)
Novel II TDA-12 ethoxylate (Sasol) (Trideceth-12)
Ceralution H (Sasol) (Behenyl alcohol (and) glyceryl stearate (and) glyceryl stearate citrate (and) disodium ethylene dicocamide PEG-15 disulfate)
Sodium hydroxide NF (General Chemical) (Sodium hydroxide)
Neo Heliopan Hydro (Symrise) (Phenylbenzimidazole sulfonic acid [ensulizole])
Sodium hydroxide NF (General Chemical) (Sodium hydroxide)
Superol K, glycerine 99.7% USP/FCC Kosher (P&G Chemicals) (Glycerin)
CoSept M (HallStar) (Methylparaben)
CoSept E (HallStar) (Ethylparaben)

Phase B
Parsol MCX (DSM Nutritional) (Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate [octinoxate])

Phase C
Parsol 1789 (DSM Nutritional) (Butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane [avobenzone])

Phase D
Ganex V-220 (ISP) (VP/eicosene copolymer)

Phase E
Water (deionized)

Phase F
Benzyl alcohol, ACS, 99+% (Alfa Aesar) (Benzyl alcohol)

Phase G
Ceralution F (Sasol) (Disodium ethylene dicocamide PEG-15 disulfate (and) sodium lauroyl lactylate)

Phase H
Sodium hydroxide NF (General Chemical) (Sodium hydroxide [20% aq])

Phase I
Simulgel 600 (Seppic) (Acrylamide/sodium acryloyldimethyltaurate copolymer (and) isohexadecane (and)polysorbate 80)

Prepare phase A by adding EDTA to water and when dissolved adding xanthan gum and mixing until fully incorporated. In a separate vessel combine phase B, start heating with mixing to 75°C, add phase C and when completed dissolved add phase D in order. In another vessel combine phase E, in order, using only enough sodium hydroxide to achieve complete solution (pH 7.5–8.0). In another vessel combine phase F and mix until a clear solution. Transfer slightly less than half of A to the empty main vessel, add phase G, and then heat to 65°C. With both  phases at indicated temperatures, add phase BCD to phase AG with mixing and then start homogenizing. After five minutes, add F to ABCDG, then add the remainder of phase A, and then add phase E. Switch from homogenization to mixing, adjust pH to 7.5-8.0 with phase H as needed, and start cooling. Add phase I with sweep mixing (to prevent aeration) and then add water as needed to correct for evaporative losses. When completely smooth, perform final quality assurance checks.


Light yellow lotion; pH: 7.75; Viscosity (RV, T-D, 5, 20 & 100 rpm, cP): 6000, 2300 & 900.

More Information
SolaStay S1, a novel sunscreen photostabilizer, quenches the singlet excited states of octinoxate and avobenzone to provide superior SPF and PFA performance. U.S. patents pending. This formula yields superior broad-spectrum protection with daily wear-appropriate aesthetics.  SolaStay S1, a novel sunscreen photostabilizer, quenches the singlet excited states of octinoxate and avobenzone. It provides superior SPF and PFA performance by contributing to their photostability in this formula, resulting in in vivo SPF 50.80 and PFA (PPD) 19.36 test results in five subject static testing on the reference formula.

More Information
The HallStar Company, Tel: (877) 427-4255, (312) 385-4494, Website:; E-mail:
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