Clear Water-Resistant Hair Gel

September 1, 2009

Phase A
Deionized water
Butylene glycol (Merck) 1,3-butanediol
AMP-Ultra PC 2000 (95%) (Dow/Angus)(Aminomethyl propanol)
Avalure AC 120 acrylic copolymer (29% TS)(Lubrizol/Noveon) (Acrylates copolymer)
Fixate Plus Polymer (30% TS) (Lubrizol/Noveon) (Polyacrylate-14)
AMP-Ultra PC 2000 (Dow/Angus)(95%)(Aminomethyl propanol)
Glydant Plus Liquid (Lonza) (DMDM hydantoin (and) iodopropynyl butylcarbamate)
Ethanol absolute (VWR) (Alcohol)
Vitalmixt BDF, # 143149 (Symrise) (Fragrance)
AMP-Ultra PC 2000 (95%)(Dow/Angus) (Aminomethyl propanol)

Add deionized water and butylene glycol in a suitable vessel. Start mixing. Adjust the pH of batch to ~10 by adding a few drops of AMP-Ultra PC 2000 into the batch. Slowly add Avalure AC 120 acrylic copolymer to the batch. Mix for 5 minutes. Slowly add Fixate Plus polymer to the mixing vessel. Mix for 5 minutes or until uniform.  Pre-neutralize the batch with AMP-Ultra PC 2000, adjusting pH to 5.5-6.0. In a separate level, mix Glydant Plus Liquid, ethanol and fragrance. Mix until homogenous. Add it slowly to the batch.  Mix until homogenous. Adjust final pH to 7.0–7.2 with AMP-Ultra PC 2000.  Mix until uniform.

Appearance—Clear gel; pH—7.0–7.2; Viscosity (mPa·s) (Brookfield DV-II+Pro Viscometer @ 20 rpm, 25°C, # spindle, measured after 24 hours)—45,000–50,000; Turbidity (NTU) (HF Scientific Micro 100 Turbidimeter)—10-20; Water/sweat immersion resistance—90%; (1.85 g of hair gel is applied on clean Virgin European Brown tresses (0.74g of gel per gram of hair). Treated tresses are wrapped on 5/8” diameter plastic smooth barrel hair curlers, 2” in length and allowed to dry overnight (50% RH–23°C). Dried, treated tresses are gently removed from the rollers and submerged in a sweat salts water bath for 3 minutes, and measurements recorded at 1 minute intervals for 3 minutes) Stability—passed 3 months @ 45 °C, 5 cycles freeze/thaw.

More Information
Due to the alcohol in this formulation, it is recommended that customers review the environmental and regulatory requirements of the states and countries where they wish to market this type of product to be sure that they are in compliance with local VOC regulations. Due to the alcohol in this formulation, follow safety precautions appropriate for the handling of flammable liquids.

More Information
Lubrizol Advanced Materials Inc. (Noveon Consumer Specialties), Tel: (216) 447-5000, (800) 379-5389 Website:
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