PEG-Free Emulsion for Baby Wipe

October 1, 2009

Phase A
Deionized water
Glycerin (Protameen)
Alpha-Bisabol Natural (Bisabol) (Symrise)
Vitamin E Acetate (Protameen) (Tocopheryl acetate)
Glucate DO Emulsifier (Lubirzol) (Methyl glucose dioleate)
Pemulen TR-2 Polymer (Lubrizol) (Acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer)

Phase B
Schercemol 1818 Ester (Lubrizol) (Isostearyl isostearate)

Phase C
Sodium hydroxide (5%)

Phase D
Plantacare 818 UP (Cognis) (Coco-glucoside (50%))

Phase E
Euxyl PE 9010 (Schu00fclke & Mayr) (Phenoxyethanol (and) ethylhexylglycerin)

Phase F
Deionized water

Phase A—Add glycerin to deionized water. Phase B—add ingredients 3-6 in a separate vessel.  Disperse Pemulen TR-2 Polymer into oil phase. Add phase B to phase A. Mix for 20-30 minutes to allow the polymer to swell. Neutralize batch with sodium hydroxide (5%). Mix vigorously until uniform. Add coco-glucoside. Mix slowly to avoid air entrapment. Add preservative (phase E).  Mix until uniform. Dilute with deionized water. Mix until uniform.

Appearance—thin white lotion; pH—5.8-6.2; Viscosity (mPa·s) (Brookfield RVT @ 20 rpm, 25°C, #2 spindle, measured after 24 hours)—400-700; Stability—passed 3 months @ 45°C and RT, Passed 5 cycles freeze/thaw.

More Information
This formula has not been tested on any nonwoven substrate, but is a suggested starting point formulation to help meet difficult viscosity and emulsion stability criteria. Preservation and stability may be dependant on the non-woven substrate that is used for application.

More Information
Lubrizol Advanced Materials Inc. (Noveon Consumer Specialties), Tel: (216) 447-5000, (800) 379-5389; Website:
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