Mild & Gentle Sulfate-Free Bath Gel

September 1, 2010

Phase A
1. Deionized water
2. Jordapon ACI 30G (BASF)(Ammonium cocoyl isethionate (31% TS))
3. Chemoryl SFB 10SK surfactant blend (Lubrizol/Noveon)(Disodium laureth sulfosuccinate, sodium cocoyl isethionate, cocamidopropyl betaine (32% TS))

Phase B
4. Deionized water
5. Novethix L-10 Polymer (30% TS) (Lurbziol/Noveon)(Acrylates/beheneth-25 methacrylate copolymer)

Phase C
6. Phenonip ME (Clariant)(Phenoxyethanol, methylparaben(and) ethylparaben)
7. Chembetaine LHS Surfactant (Lubrizol/Noveon) (Lauryl hydroxysultaine (50% TS))
8. Chemoryl LB-30 Surfactant (17% TS) (Lubrizol/Noveon)(Oleyl betaine (and sodium lauroyl lactylate)
9. Schercoteric MS-2 50 imidazolinium amphoteric (Lubrizol/Noveon) (Disodium cocoamphodiacetate (50% TS))
10. Sodium hydroxide (18%)

Phase A—In a suitable vessel, add ingredient 2 to warm deionized water (30-40°C) with mixing using gentle agitation. Add ingredient 3 to batch with mixing, mix until uniform. Phase B—In a separate vessel, pre-mix Novethix L-10 Polymer with deionized water. Mix until uniform. Slowly add phase B to phase A with gentle mixing. Mix gently until uniform. Add ingredient 6-9 to batch in order, one at a time with gentle mixing. Mix until uniform. Add sodium hydroxide (18%) slowly to adjust pH to 6.5-6.7. The formula will turn clear and viscous as the pH increases. Add fragrance, color and other additives as desired. Mix until uniform.

Appearance—clear viscous gel; pH—6.5-6.7; Viscosity (mPa • S) (Brookfield RVT @ 20 rpm, 25°C, No. 5 spindle, measured after 24 hours)—11,000-15,000; Turbidity (NTU) (HF Scientific, Inc. Micro 100 Turbidmeter)—15-20; Stability—Passed 3 months @ 45°C and R/T, 6 weeks @ 50°C, 5 cycles freeze/thaw; Novathix L-10 Polymer (%TS)—1.00; Surfactants (%TS/Actives)—12.2.

More Information
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(Noveon Consumer Specialties)
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