New Packages

New Packages

May 16, 2006

Novapak’s Bullet Rounds Offer an HDPE Alternative

Novapak Corp. introduced the 500ml and 1000ml Bullet Round unbreakable HDPE bottles for specialty chemicals. According to Alan Wood, vice president of business development/specialty containers, the HDPE bottles are intended to replace glass bottles traditionally used for storage and shipment of specialty chemicals. Both bottles are offered with a flat or pressure bottom. More info: 800-975-2784, E-mail:;

Rexam Introduces Colored Anocaps  

Rexam Dispensing Systems produce Anocaps, a complete line of stock fragrance caps in any color to match any spray package. They come in satin, matte or bright scuff-free scratch-resistant finishes and round and trifoil shapes enhanced with embossing/debossing options. Anocaps are available in a variety of lengths including 1, 1.25- and 1/5-inches. More info:

Colorlab Shakes It Up with Refillable Powder Brush

Colorlab’s Shake It Up! powder-in-a-brush is made with ultra deluxe goat hair for effortless makeup application. The private label brush is available empty for custom blending or filled with ready-to-wear foundations, modifiers and finishing powders. Ready-to-wear refills are also available. More info: (800) 790-2417.

O.Berk Bottles Come in Shapes  

O.Berk introduced the line of Amenity Bottles in clear PET. They are  available in five shapes including round, oblong and rectangle, ranging in size from 1oz to 1.5oz. They can be  enhanced with custom colors. More info:

  • Trade Association Directory 2017

    February 2, 2017
    Contact details of trade associations that serve various segments of our industry and are mentioned frequently in Happi.

  • What the Halal  Is Going On?

    What the Halal Is Going On?

    Imogen Matthews , In-Cosmetics||February 2, 2017
    Demand for these beauty products is surging thanks to a fastgrowing Muslim population.

  • Relief for Sensitive Scalps

    Relief for Sensitive Scalps

    Guadalupe Pellon and Annette Mehling , BASF||February 2, 2017
    BASF researchers detail the attributes of the company’s highly effective hair care system focusing on scalp sensitivity.