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New Packages

Published June 6, 2006
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Crown Risdon Chills Out For Avon Lipgloss Package

Crown Risdon has produced an all-plastic lipgloss package with a flocked tip applicator for the Avon Chill Out Lip Gloss. The cap is a polypropylene material molded in a light blue shade. The base is clarified polypropylene molded clear. The bright silver decoration on the package is hot die stamped in one pass. Crown Risdon also supplies the acetyl wand and LDPE wiper for the product. More info: (860) 417-1100; E-mail: tcurrie@crowncork.com; www.crownrisdon.com.

Novopak Introduces Trigger Sprayers

Novopak Corp. introduced  Shoreline PET trigger sprayer containers in 16-, 24- and 32oz. sizes for household, automotive and industrial/chemical packaging. They are  available with an M28SP400 neck and 28 mm ratchet neck.

The ergonomic shape and texture of the grip offer comfort and control whether wet or dry. More info: (800) 975-2784; E-mail: info@pvcc.com; www.pvcc.com.

Rexam Pump Adorns Facial Cream from S&G Hampton Sun

Rexam Dispensing Systems supplies its Soprano SP343 lotion pump for the new 50ml SPF 15 Super Hydrating face cream from S&G Hampton Sun, LLC. The pump matches the bottle color and its collar is enhanced with a hot-stamped, shiny gold band. More info: www.rexam.com. 

Eastman Launches Scented Caps  

Eastman Chemical Co. introduced Chocolatine, a clear injection blow-molded jar containing a chocolate, vanilla or orange scented cream. It includes a jar cap that encapsulates and diffuses a perfumed scent matching the cream. More info: www.eastman.com.

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