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Mary Kay Gets Affectionate with Consumers

July 26, 2006

Mary Kay Gets Affectionate with Consumers

Affection is Mary Kay’s biggest fragrance launch ever.
Mary Kay is looking to get a little closer to its customers with the launch of its new scent, Affection. Last month Mary Kay held an exclusive event in New York City to announce the addition of this new scent to the company’s existing fragrance line. This is Mary Kay’s first premium, luxury fragrance for women. Editors from various magazines convened to listen to the story behind the birth of the Affection fragrance, set to hit stores September 16th.

According to Mary Kay, in today’s fast-paced world, women are looking to achieve a sense of individuality in their fashion and style choices and have come to realize that they can enhance that expression with the right fragrance. Affection is looking to be that signature scent that will capture the contemporary woman’s style.

“It has such a modern feel, but with an Asian nod,” explained Yvette Franco, vice president of brand development for Mary Kay. “It’s the next step in expanding our product offering for today’s modern woman. These are things not everyone’s expecting from us.”

At the launch party in New York, Mary Kay hired a dance team to interpret Affection’s multi-layered fragrance.
Unexpected indeed. As big florals have continued to dominate the fragrance scene, Mary Kay fragrance experts teamed with vice president and executive perfumer Claude Dir from Quest International to counter the floral trend and take a different direction. Affection is a multi-layered, modern oriental fragrance that includes notes of white peony, pink peppercorn, Chinese osmanthus and amber wood. According to Dir, there is a blending trend happening in fragrances that is just now beginning to gain momentum.

“The trend of mass-appeal scents with basic fragrance notes is going away,” said Dir. “Instead, signature scents are the latest trend because a woman wants her perfume to help define who she is. A woman’s fragrance choice is an extension of her spirit.”

There’s a lot to be affectionate about in the Affection collection.
After receiving the basics of what the fragrance entails, editors were treated an interpretive dance show by four dancers, each representing one of the four notes of Affection, to provide a visual cue of the warmth and femininity that Mary Kay hopes will be the fragrance’s signature.

Afterward, in another room, each editor was able to sample the scent of each of the four notes in Affection separately, and get a closer look at the curvy glass bottle packaging, which was designed in-house by Mary Kay. Mary Kay personnel were also on-hand to discuss the fragrance one-on-one, as editors sampled and mingled.

Affection is Mary Kay’s 10th scent and 7th women’s scent, and will retail at $50 for a 1 oz bottle. A gift set including a fragrance solid, shower gel and body lotion retailing for $60 will also be available, while supplies last, in September. This is a higher-than-usual price point for Mary Kay, however Franco expects the fragrance to be the company’s biggest launch to-date.

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