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Moonshine Soap

March 9, 2007


Soaps with a Conscience

Moonshine Soap is crafted with eco- and socially-conscious premium ingredients.

By Joanna Cosgrove
Online Editor

Ten years ago, Ellie Trinowski made giftsoaps in her kitchen to hand out to friends and family. Nowadays her home-based hobby is a full-fledged business, Moonshine Soap. Based in Cleveland, GA, the company specializes in bath soaps formulated with premium ingredients. The products are designed to promote awareness of healthy skin care and the environment.

The products are grouped into two primary collections: Moonshine Soap Signature Collection and Georgia Collection. The Signature Collection contains 10 soaps with fragrances such as Lavender Lunacy, Moonglow Mint and Enchanted Earth. The Georgia Collection is also comprised of 10 soaps with scents uniquely evocative of the south: Mint Julep, Blooming Jasmine and Stone Ground Grits. There is also a collection of Spa Soaps, offered online, with fragrances that vary with the seasons.

Each handcrafted bar of Moonshine Soap takes one month to make. “The initial soap process of combining fatty acids with an alkali to begin saponification, along with the addition of herbs and essential oils, and finally pouring the soap mixture into moulds takes only a couple of hours,” said Ms. Trinowski. “It is the curing time of three to four weeks that allows the soap to complete its final journey to a solid bar of soap and glycerin. The curing time also promotes a long lasting bar of soap with a safe pH balance.”

Eco-Friendly Ingredients

Moonshine Soap is 100% natural, made from 80% certified organic vegetable oils and 20% unrefined, organic shea butter. Ms. Trinowski noted that her company selects its ingredients based on “reliable sources and availability” to ensure the soaps are free of synthetic chemicals, fillers and preservatives. “Our skin absorbs everything we apply to it and it just makes sense to create a skin care product that is void of harsh chemicals,” said Ms. Trinowski. “Organic ingredients … are richer and healthier because the standards used in organic farming are strict. This supports our mission to provide a soap that is healthy for the skin.”

The soaps are rich in glycerin, a naturally-occurring part of the handcrafted soap process, creating a rich, bubbly lather that’s gentle on the skin. The vegetable soaps are scented with cold pressed fruits or pure distilled botanicals. Shelf life is extended through the use of vitamins A, C and E, along with rosemary extract.

The company purchases its organic oils from a processor of all natural vegetable oils that has been certified by the Organic Crop Improvement Association International (OCIA) and the U.S. National Organic Program (NOP). “We also believe in a holistic philosophy in business and lifestyle, therefore, by purchasing certified organic oils, we are participating in the sustainability of overall improved nutrition in the nation’s crops, as well as, a healthier, cleaner planet,” said Ms. Trinowski.

Shea butter, the central ingredient in Moonshine Soap, comes from Ghana, Africa, and Ms. Trinowski takes great pride in the fact that her company’s business offers support for the network of enterprising women in Africa. “Through collaborative efforts, the support we offer has contributed to a better lifestyle for these people. Wells for fresh water, schools and books, as well as a hospital wing have been part of the difference in this village and we will continue to effect positive change with each bar of Moonshine Soap we sell,” she said.

This kind of social and eco-consciousness is resonating with a growing number of consumers who share the same views. “Skin care products are a large sector among many avenues for all of us to explore the ecological footprint we make daily. By virtue of necessity, I believe many people are seeking simplistic alternatives in their everyday lifestyles and rituals,” commented Ms. Trinowski. “In our mass produced world, people are becoming aware that there is a price for irresponsible choices. I like to believe that consumers are becoming savvier about their own power to effect change in the marketplace, as well as the world. They are educating themselves and demanding alternatives because they can.”
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