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Artisan Skin Care

July 5, 2007

Brown Olive Natural Skin Care explores exotic natural ingredients.

Artisan Skin Care

Brown Olive Natural Skin Care explores exotic natural ingredients.

By Joanna Cosgrove

Over the ages, women have continually turned to a handful of natural ingredients to keep their skin in pristine condition and it was something Brigitte Brown kept in mind while she developed her own range of skincare products. The resulting Brown Olive Natural Skin Care line, launched last month, taps into the time-honored, natural properties of ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile and olive oil, as well as a variety of aromatheraputic oils and the line’s broad range of products are formulated to refresh, revitalize and renew both the skin and the spirit.

“I wanted to have a positive impact in the lives of discerning consumers that desire to have a natural skin care regimen,” recalled Ms. Brown. “The desired result was to create an affordable natural skin care line where the consumer can afford to maintain a daily continuous skin care regimen... conducive to radiant and healthy skin at a cellular level.”

 The Brown Olive Natural skin care line includes lip balm and an array of other products.
Brown Olive Natural Skin Care consists of eleven individual skin and body care products: Aromatherapy Soy Candles, Olive Butter Body Lotion Hair and Body Cleanser, Olive Butter Body Polish, Aromatherapy Body Bar, Olive Butter Body Jelly, Olive Butter Lip Balm, Squalane Massage Oil (in Rosemary and unscented offerings), effervescent Beautiful Bath Bombs, Himalayan Salt Bath Powder, Juicy Body Glow. There is also an Organic Olive Leaf Tea.

The products (not including the tea) are grouped into Home Spa Collections and divided into seven fragrance categories: Balsam & Cedar, Sweet Lavender & Chamomile, Lemongrass & Tea Tree, Patchouli Musk, Cucumber Mint, Mango Papaya and Cranberry Rose. There is also a Fragrance Free range.

Balsam oil not only imparts a woodsy scent, it is known for its circulation stimulating properties. First employed by Native Americans, the oil imparts calming benefits to the skin help to alleviate itching and it has also been effective in the treatment of acne, oily skin and dandruff.

Lemongrass oil’s lemony citrus scent is renowned as a mood enhancer that revitalizes and uplifts a tired mind and body. It is paired with Tea Tree Oil, a product of Australia that is revered for its natural antiseptic and anti-fungal properties.

In addition to using a number of essential oils, the line makes use of a variety of distinctively beneficial ingredients. “I wanted to create a natural skin care line with unique ingredients, such as, Himalayan Salt which is one of the purest forms of salts available today (and) is hand-mined in the Mountain region of India,” noted Ms. Brown. “Himalayan Crystal Salt boasts of 84 hydrating minerals that replenish electrolytes, improve circulation and draw toxins from the body.”

Shea butter is an increasingly popular ingredient used to enhance the emollient factor in skin care formulations; however some with sensitive skin need an equally emollient alternative. Brown Olive Natural Skin Care offers a complementary solution that incorporates Olive Oil, Olive Butter and Olive Leaf Extract, which, according to Ms. Brown, are “wonder emollients” for the skin.  

Brown Olive Natural Skin Care products range in price from $75 for the six-piece Lemongrass and Tea Tree Home Spa Collection, to $10 for an Olive Butter Lip Balm. The products are sold online at

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