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Non-Invasive Skin Care

February 5, 2008

Skin repair for those wary of surgical solutions.


Non-Invasive Skin Care

Skin repair for those wary of surgical solutions.

By Joanna Cosgrove
Online Editor

Though the promise of some permanent and semi-permanent cosmetic and reconstructive cosmetic procedures seem worth the nerves associated with going under the proverbial knife, some patients are too squeamish those types of procedures and instead seek less invasive, non-surgical alternatives. To that end, Clinic’estetica, a state of the art Tijuana-based aesthetic medical clinic, introduced Renu365 Face Treatment Kit, an at-home, three piece product collection consisting of FaceLyte, Scrubb and SootheSpritz which are formulated to address melasma, hyperpigmentation, sun damaged and aged skin, as well as the appearance of post acne blemishes. 

The line is the result of an 18 month study conducted by Clinic’estetica prior to introducing Renu365 to the public—first at the company’s Tijuana, Mexico-based clinic and then last September through the company’s Los Angles SimplySvelte Studio. 

Anna Love, director of Clinic’estetica, founder of the Simply Svelte Studio and creator of Renu365, said the products are formulated to treat damaged surface skin by eliminating the heart of the problem – Melanogensis - which lies below the skins surface. “As Renu365 penetrates the skin, it directly affects Melanogenesis by inhibiting Tyrosinase (a basic enzyme in the melanin formation process),” she said. “Kojic acid and phytic acid diminishes hyperpigmentation in three ways: Kojic acid blocks the conversion of tyrosine dopa (naturally occurring amino acid L-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (L-dopa), inhibits melanin production, [is a] copper chelator and [provides] anti-microbial action.”

Renu365 Scrubb SPF 45 (SRP $18.50 for 8oz.) is a non-sudsing, abrading, preperatory cleanser that temporarily eliminates surface oil while gently exfoliating the skin to allow for maximum absorption of active ingredients in the treatments. The product makes use of Sodium Laureth Sulfate as its primary detergent and surfactant. Its exfoliating agent is two sizes of polyethylene synthetic spheres. “We use in two sizes - 400 m and 315 m - for ideal results in a short time,” commented Ms. Love. “With two sizes of polyethylene particles, deep cleansing even in difficult areas such as the nose get excellent visible results.”

Renu365 FaceLyte SPF 45 (SRP $35.00 for 2oz.) is a facial serum formulated to repair melasma, hyper-pigmentation of all types, sun damage and aged skin. It’s also marketed to be effective in reducing the appearance of post acne blemishes.  The product’s active ingredients are Kojic acid and Phytic acid. The sunscreen prevents further sun damage and protects the skin during treatment.

Ms. Love said the sunscreens used in the collection are and Parasol 1789. “Octyl methoxycinnamate [is a] UVB sunscreen [that’s] easily incorporated into cosmetics, rarely cause allergic reactions and does not stain clothing,” she noted. “Parsol 1789 [is a] UVA block, because of its range of 200-400 nm. It peaks at 358 nm. This chemical mixes well cosmetically, is fairly hypoallergenic, and is in most of the broad-spectrum sun blocks. [The] two sunscreens working together have double protection UVB and UVA.”

Renu365 SootheSpritz SPF 45 ($16.00 for 6oz. Refill, sold with a free Carrywith 2oz. Euro spray bottle), is a facial spray is designed to calm most forms of irritation, hot spots, dry skin, and/or flaking that may occur during treatments. The product’s calming sterile water is saturated with chamomile and hammamelis virginiana (witch hazel) extracts to bring the skin back to a normal pH of 5.5 and alleviate skin irritation caused by micro-dermabrasion, laser treatment, peels, waxing, electrolysis or sun exposure. 

“Chamomile is most often adopted as an anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and calming agent [and] is used topically to treat inflammation of the skin,” commented Ms. Love. “In vitro, chamomile constituents can inhibit the inflammatory mediators of the arachidonic acid cascade such as 5-lipoxyge¬nase and cyclo-oxygenase.”

Hammamelis virginiana, she said, reduces inflammation of the skin topically because it contains a large amount of astringent tannins - probably the main reason for witch hazel’s long reputation as a styptic and a skin treatment. “Hammamelis contains a number of other chemical components that may contribute to its effects to relieve pain, stop bleeding, control itching, reduces symptoms of eczema,” she added. “Chamomile and hammamelis in combination calm and cool the skin, sooth[e] … and balance the pH of the skin in preparation for enhanced absorption of the moisturizing elements, and tightens the skin, helping to reduce shine and prevent blemishes.”

The three products are both sold separately and in an Introductory Kit that retails for $68.00. Products can be purchased at the Clinic’estetica and Simply Svelte clinics or on the clinics’ websites,  and

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