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High End Skin Care for Men...

April 29, 2008

because women aren�t the only ones in search of great skin!

High End Skin Care for Men...

because women aren’t the only ones in search of great skin.

By Joanna Cosgrove
Online Editor

They may not talk about it all that often, but a growing number of men really do undergo wrinkle-eradicating injections and surgical procedures to help “put their best face forward.” A new topical option, from DermaPlus, Inc. of New York, is the DermaLastyl-m anti-wrinkle, anti-aging product line that is formulated with Elastatropin, the laboratory synthesized form of human tropoelastin; Argireline, to assist in relaxing facial muscles; and Matrixyl 3000, to promote collagen production, among other skin-friendly ingredients, to improve “the wrinkled condition of the skin.”

Although women have traditionally been the primary consumers of advanced skin care products, Burt Ensley, Ph.D., chairman of Dermaplus, said a one driving factor led his company to develop scientifically sophisticated grooming products for men. “Men are becoming more aware of, and accepting of, new technology for improving the appearance of their skin,” he said. “Skin care is not just for women anymore, and Aqua Velva doesn’t cut it.”

Skin care based on human genetic sequences.
DermaPlus, a biotechnology company that designs and manufactures high performance biomaterials for use in cosmeceuticals, has developed a range of products for men and women based on human genetic sequences, the biomaterials can be customized to reflect the genetic makeup of human tissues, population groups or even single individuals.

The DermaLastyl-m line for men is made up of a trio of products: Facial Scrub for Men, Wrinkle Eye-Radicator and Anti-Wrinkle Aftershave. Each is formulated with “high performance” ingredients, according to Dr. Ensley.

“Elastatropin is made from the human elastin gene in a biotechnology laboratory, purified, and sent exclusively to us as a pure ingredient. It is active in the skin and helps replenish the elastin lost to aging and photodamage,” explained Dr. Ensley. “Argireline and Martrixyl-3000 are peptides (small proteins) that are influential on the healthy maintenance of the skin, including production of new collagen. MultiSal is a nano-particle based soother and moisturizer.”

The grainy texture of the Facial Scrub for Men ($14) gently sloughs away dead skin and infuses skin with Elastatropin to restore “the skin’s youthful condition” while clearing the pores and improving the complexion.

The Wrinkle Eye-Radicator ($29) boasts an effective, yet gentle, formulation that addresses the sensitive skin around a man’s eyes. The product’s main ingredients are human tropoelastin, Matrixyl-3000, Argireline and hyaluronic acid. According to the company, the tropoelastin delivers much-needed elastin to the skin, which restores a “youthful glow” to the skin. When used regularly, Wrinkle Eye-Radicator pledge to “successfully dissolve crow’s feet and other visible signs of aging around the eyes while preventing the onset of new wrinkles in the eye area.”

The latest product in the trio is the Anti-Wrinkle Aftershave. The product is applied to the skin after shaving, just like ordinary aftershave. However, Dr. Ensley said the water-soluble Elastatropin in this aftershave does much more than soothe occasional razor burn. “The protein elastin keeps skin flexible and able to stretch or contract, and then return to its normal shape,” he said. “Elastin diminishes in the human body over time, a process that promotes the visible onset of aging. Anti-aging DermaLastyl-m staves off these wrinkles without adding any steps to your morning grooming regimen.”

The aftershave also incorporates NanoCool, the company’s proprietary nanoencapsulated technology that provides a strong cooling sensation where it is applied.

Dr. Ensley said the Dermalastyl-m products were in the company’s developmental pipeline for four years prior to launching. He added that there are several other products currently in the pipeline as well.

DermaLastyl-m is not yet in stores but can be purchased online at or by calling 800-335-8312. Distribution will be expanded to include retail and department stores worldwide in the coming months.

Additional Products

Prior to launching DermaLastyl-m, DermaPlus also developed a complete range of consumer and spa skin care products that also feature Elastatropin as the key active ingredient. DermaLastyl-β, DermaLastyl-E, DermaLastyl- βx, DermaLastyl-Ex and Keracyte-β are billed to be “the first genetically engineered products on the market that help restore elastin properties to the skin.” When used “properly,” the products promise to “eliminate and/or prevent wrinkles, reducing the need or extending the life of cosmetic medical procedures such as Botox injections or facelifts.”

DermaPlus also created an intensified variation of its Elastatropin ingredient for use in spas and salons that are Certified DermaLastyl Infusion Centers. The product, DermaLastyl-S Spa Formula, contains 10 times the amount of Elastatropin as the company’s regular products. According to company literature, “Our special Salon/Spa Dermalastyl and Chaperone products are designed to increase the speed and amount of tropolastin delivered to the skin through the infusion process. The DermaLastyl-P Chaperone is applied after removal of inert cells and prepares the skin to receive the protein. It contains a unique combination of vasodilators to quicken blood flow, activators to make the skin more reactive, catalysts ease the metabolization of the protein and finally super-anti-oxidants to destroy any free radicals that would interfere with or damage the protein.”

Applied after the Chaperone product, proteins in DermaLastyl-S “penetrate the outer skin layer then separate and collapse into nanospheres that are spread throughout the skin.” Each application of Dermalastyl-S Spa Formula contains the amount of elastin typically lost over a two year period. The company recommends that the each treatment be separated by a minimum of 60 days to allow the Spa formula to be “completely cross-linked into healthy new tissue.”

Clinical Studies

To back up its claims, DermaPlus conducted a Profilometry Study—a clinical trial of its anti-aging product DermaLastyl Pro/Face cream—whereby 35 volunteers were treated with the product for 12 weeks and skin smoothness was evaluated using digital photography and the PRIMOS Profilometry in vivo skin profiling system. All 35 subjects completed the trial, and 83% of the volunteers showed significant improvement in skin smoothness and reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as assessed by analysis of 2-D digital images taken at the beginning and end of the study. The results were quantitatively confirmed by analysis of the results of the laser profilometry study.

“Profilometry,” said the company, “provides the confirming, quantitative support for improved appearance. These results compare very favorably to the results found in profilometry studies of prescription treatments” such as Botulinum toxin (Botox) Tretinoin (Retin A) and topical estrogen applications.

If the company’s clinical trial is any indication, perhaps there really is such a thing as hope in a jar.

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