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Effective Beauty, Made Simple

June 30, 2008

Y.E.S. makes great skin easy and affordable.

Effective Beauty, Made Simple

Y.E.S. makes great skin easy and affordable.

By Joanna Cosgrove
Online Editor

Coco Chanel once said, “Nature gives you the face you have at 20; it is up to you to merit the face you have at 50.” While science has not yet discovered the fountain of youth, Y.E.S. Young Essential Skincare’s Anti-Aging Serum and Rejuvenating Moisture Cream promises to erase the signs of aging from the face with results evident after the very first application. The products are a two-step beauty regimen formulated to improve skin firmness, tone and texture, and also to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles via CP24-Complex, a proprietary ingredient that the company said is clinically proven to increase cellular proliferation by 250% in 24 hours.

The line was conceived of by Linda Eastwood, CEO of the New York-based company and author of the book, Simple Solutions for Women! (diet & exercise not required), and spent two years in development.

The concept of skin serums has come into its own in recent years. Y.E.S. Anti-Aging Serum (1 oz/30 ml, $60) is formulated for all skin types. The first step in the two-step process, this serum is formulated to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenate sun-aged skin, stimulate cell renewal, boost collagen, tone and tighten and smooth and brighten skin. It is said to optimize skin hydration, while being both antimicrobial and antibacterial.

Step two in the process is Y.E.S. Rejuvenating Moisture Cream (2 oz/60 ml, $55), which, with a cream/gel consistency, works to perfect the skin, stimulating new cell production and bringing new younger cells to the surface. The proprietary formulation is rich in seabuckthorn, which is said to be instrumental in promoting cell tissue regeneration; all-natural organic botanicals, pentapeptides, antioxidant vitamins, collagen builders and minerals, along with amino acids to help the skin to renew, repair and protect itself.  

In a market chock full of anti-aging preparations, Ms. Eastwood said the primary point of difference separating her product duo from the competition is the delivery system.

“Without molecular compatibility to human tissue products will sit on the surface, pretending to work,” she said. “Due to the effectiveness of our CP24-Complex the delivery system exclusive to the Y.E.S. line; when used in conjunction with cosmetic procedures have been known to speed up the recovery time.”

Both of the Y.E.S. formulas were developed to penetrate skin deeply and quickly going to work immediately not leaving a greasy residue on the skin’s surface.  

“As a matter of fact with our ‘one, two punch’ the texture of the skin will perform better than skin ‘fillers’ without the use of silicone; thereby leaving a smooth canvas with or without makeup,” pointed out Ms. Eastwood.

The line’s simple two-step approach was also a careful consideration on the part of the line’s creator.  

“We respect the limited time women have to pamper themselves yet they want to look good,” commented Ms. Eastwood. “It’s very frustrating to all of us to search for items that we can count on and end up with a drawer full of products that just don’t work.  Our customers tell us that they will use a cotton swab to get every last drop out of the jar!”

Ms. Eastwood said the company is working on several additions, including a cleanser and treatment mask, to round out the line that will also take into account the limited time women want to spend taking care of their skin.

“These will be in keeping with our philosophy that time is precious; so keeping it simple is very important; we don’t want to bog you down with more to do yet we aspire to making women look and feel beautiful,” said Ms. Eastwood. “We will continue to develop high performance easy routines to ward off the signs of aging.”

Y.E.S. Young Essential Skincare products are currently available on the company’s website (, and Ms. Eastwood said they will soon be available in medical spas around the country.

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