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Purity by Accident

August 4, 2008

New York City doctor develops natural line for her patients and expands into retail.


Purity by Accident

New York City doctor develops natural line for her patients and expands into retail.

By Keith Jacobsen

Dr. Natalie Geary and her company VedaPure are giving new meaning to the term “natural beauty.” Created almost by accident rather than specifically by a strict business design, VedaPure is a fast-growing, New York City company designed by Dr. Geary to provide an all-natural alternative for her patients who were intolerant of and allergic to many of the ingredients that are often formulated in products on the market. Dr. Geary, a pediatrician first and entrepreneur second, sculpted her company based on the Vedas, the oldest literary works in the world, which cover all fields of knowledge, material and spiritual, and offer principles for physical and emotional health.

“I realized a few years ago that so many products on the market were misrepresenting themselves as chemical-free and I began to mix my own products for my patients,” Dr. Geary explained. “It was not at all a ‘decision to enter the competitive market,’ it was an accident. I was making them for my patients and suddenly other people wanted them.”

Natalie Geary
This seemingly unpredicted success of her first products has carried over into several lines of body care products. VedaPure’s initial target audience is parents of newborn babies, with its line of VedaBaby products. Included in the VedaBaby line are bath powder, shampoo and body wash, multiple body creams and two versions of diaper balms. These products are 100% natural and are for the most part, organic.

Since it’s the parents who are buying these products in the first place, VedaPure has decided to capitalize on this industry by providing quite a few products for both mom and dad in its VedaMama and VedaDude lines. The VedaMama line is designed for new mothers with a stretch mark eliminating cream and a nipple cream, and leads them into the company’s other products with an assortment of body and face creams designed to help relax and refresh new moms and their skin. Dr. Geary explains that “VedaMama offers pure natural beauty—free of chemicals, preservatives and fragrances. Each product is formulated to treat (the consumer’s) skin to a fresh natural solution from nature that will hydrate, rejuvenate and protect skin from the harsh environment.”

The VedaDude collection.
The VedaDude products give dad something to do while his wife and children are busy comforting their own skin. This line consists of four all natural products including a face cleanser, shaving gel, face moisturizer and aftershave. “VedaDude is a complete shaving system for any man who wants to simplify his skincare and return to the basics in four easy steps,” says Dr. Geary. “1. Cleanse and protect. 2. Shave and soften 3. Calm and refresh. 4. Moisturize and soothe.”

VedaPure’s roots are certainly in the right place as its products were designed and produced with the customer’s health and well-being in mind, but it is the direction the company is headed that has VedaPure on the map. The company is focusing much of its future efforts on a healing-oriented line of products called vedaRX, a line of  “remedy oils dedicated to treating common ailments by combining ancient ayurvedic principles of balance and health, herbal remedies for calming and soothing and the highest standards of excellence in modern care,” explains Dr. Geary.

“My products are truly natural and honestly pure—no games, no gimmicks, just ingredients that have been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine to soothe and heal,” Dr. Geary says. Couple this all-natural approach to a good price point and solid commitment to its customers, and it is no wonder VedaPure is becoming popular among more and more people across the country. Not bad for a company started by accident.

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