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Tabatha Takes Over

September 3, 2008

Joico artist creates Shear Genius spinoff

Tabatha Takes Over

Joico artist creates spin-off of ‘Shear Genius’

By Melissa Meisel
Associate Editor

Call it a stroke of “Shear Genius.”

Can Tabatha Coffey do for hairstyling what Gordon Ramsay did for cooking? Joico artist Tabatha Coffey, the straight-talking Australian stylist who stole the show as a cast member and contestant on Bravo TV’s “Shear Genius” last year, has returned to television this season with her own series, “Tabatha’s Salon Takeover,” which debuted last month on Thursdays at 10 p.m.

Ms. Coffey’s new reality show—similar in design to Chef Ramsay’s “Hell’s Kitchen,” features the feisty hair design professional charged with the task each episode of making over a struggling salon. In every episode, Ms. Coffey has one week to size up the situation and turn it around, placing the faltering business on the path to success.  And according to Ms. Coffey, she’ll do whatever it takes to transform each situation.

Tabatha Coffey is the host of Tabatha's Salon Takeover
In the pilot episode of “Tabatha’s Salon Takeover,” Ms. Coffey helps an absentee California salon owner step in and regain control of an unruly and unmotivated staff.  “They needed their butts kicked,” said the stylist, who added that the salon also benefited from a much-needed remodel.

“There are a lot of reasons a salon needs help,” said Ms. Coffey. “It could be a matter of poor leadership, cosmetic problems or personnel.” The 12-year industry veteran, who has owned Industrie Hair Gurus in Ridgewood, NJ for six years, is up to the turnaround tasks. “I’m incredibly passionate about what I do,” she says, “and I know how to avoid the pitfalls of running a salon and how to keep staff and clients happy. And, I’m not afraid to tell people the truth.”

Ms. Coffey is no stranger to the world of salon success. With over 20 years experience, she has devoted her entire professional career to achieving excellence in hair design, starting her career in Australia before moving to London and settling in the U.S. According to her bio, her skills have been developed, fine-tuned and broadened by her participation in continuing education, traveling the world for Joico International and keeping up to date with the latest trends and techniques.

This moxie landed Ms. Coffey as a competitor on Bravo's competitive reality show, “Shear Genius”, in April 2007. To win the competition, a group of hairstylists from around the world went literally head-to-head in creative challenges that require more than just talent with a comb and scissors.

Flash forward to over a year later, and the reality show contestant now has her own series.  More info:

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