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Warmed Soy Oil for Softer SkinWarmed Soy Oil for Softer Skin

November 4, 2008

Soypure Luxury Products drew inspired from jewelry and candle makers.

Warmed Soy Oil for Softer Skin

Soypure Luxury Products drew inspired from jewelry and candle makers.

By Joanna Cosgrove
Online Editor

For 25 years, Michael Goldenberg has been a devoted environmentalist and expert in the controlled heating of precious metals as chief executive officer of Jewelers’ Solder Supply Inc. During that time he became convinced that just as gentle, controlled heating increased the luster and smooth finish of jewelry, uniform gentle heating could melt soy wax into whisper light, smooth oil to create an ultimately penetrative skin care product. He became intrigued by the supple, luxuriously soft and wrinkle free hands of soy candle makers who regularly dipped their hands into molten soy wax and worked laboriously to develop a controlled heating device that would transform the soy wax to help the skin detoxify from pollutants and enhance the effects of moisturizing. The result is The Revitalizer, a warming device that quickly and safely warms the company’s all-natural Soypure Age Reversing Soy Treatment Discs with an affordable, renewable, zero emissions heat source – a tea light – to treat the face, hands and body.

“I was fascinated by the studies of what topically applied soy does for the skin, and was disappointed to find that existing skin care products only contained negligible amounts. Thus, I set about creating products with large doses of unprocessed soy to make available the benefits to all consumers,” recalled Mr. Goldenberg, chief executive officer and founder of Soypure Luxury Products Inc. “As clinical studies have proven, topically applied soy intensely moisturizes, soothes and softens skin, increases skin thickness, boosts natural collagen production to firm and improve elasticity, evens out skin tone and slows down the growth of unwanted hair.”

Mr. Goldenberg explained studies show that soy contains important proteins and lipids that help hydrate, repair and rejuvenate the skin, however many of these beneficial ingredients can become adulterated during standard processing. “Since our soy flour is organic and not processed, we are able to offer the full range of anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant compounds found in the soybean, without the use of harsh solvents typically used in the cosmetic industry,” he said. “As a result, our product is more natural and gentler than the current soy products on the market.”

Mr. Goldenberg added that when he began his research, he was aiming for a formula with 100% soy content, but upon the advice of professional formulators, he opted to incorporate the additional ingredients for their additional benefits. “In addition to 94% soybean oil, the age reversing soy treatment disc contains small amounts of these natural skin nurturing ingredients: green tea extract, shea butter, cocoa butter (and) sweet almond oil.” The product is scented with a beeswax ginger therapy fragrance, consisting of ginger, orange and sweet musk essential oils.

Innovative Ingenuity

After Mr. Goldenberg settled upon a therapeutic soy formula he tapped into his expertise in controlled heating. Having engineered and built his own sauna, he knew that controlled heat temperature could help the skin detoxify from pollutants and enhance the effects of moisturizing. So he went to work designing a heating device that offered eco-friendly, fire-proof components as well as cosmetic appeal.

After a year of research and analysis, in June 2004, Mr. Goldenberg found his answer: paper tubes. According to U.S. safety standards, paper tubes are deemed flame retardant. Pairing his newly acquired knowledge with a Newsweek article that cited the durability factor of paper tubes, Mr. Goldenberg fashioned his device from the ultimately environmentally friendly component—paper tubes made from recyclable, renewable resources.

As Mr. Goldenberg’s device began to take form, he still struggled with how to control the temperature of the soy wax. Too hot, and the wax would burn the skin. Too cool and it would not penetrate the skin efficiently. He experimented with an untold number of insulation materials and concepts in an effort to create a viable device that would both produce a fast melt and maintain an ideal temperature.  

Then, one night it came to him— air, in sufficient volume, is the best insulator. Mr. Goldenberg tinkered with his device to create an air barrier.  He adjusted the volume of air to regulate the temperature of the wax. And true to the adage, the varying volumes of air resulted in varying temperatures in the wax. The challenge then came in creating a device which would allow the volume of air inside it to be adjusted without locking up according to the scientific principle that warm air in a container expands the container, thus inhibiting the movement. 

After countless prototypes were developed and discarded, in 2007 Mr. Goldenberg’s “Thermatic Warming” technology was born. The patent pending device, named the Revitalizer, is something he calls the “world’s first technologically advanced, eco-friendly controlled warming skin care device.”

To use the product, an Age Reversing Soy Treatment Disc is heated for seven minutes in the Revitalizer, which is equipped with an Adjustable Thermatic Warmer a gauge that enables consumers to select four wax melting temperature options. Once the wax is thoroughly warmed, it can be applied in small amounts to the face (under eyes and around laugh lines), hands, elbows, soles of feet—anywhere where the skin is dry. When the consumer is finished with the treatment, the warmer’s light can be extinguished, stored and reused.

The flagship complete Maximum Benefit Revitalizer system, which contains an adjustable temperature control Revitalizer, 10 Age Reversing Soy Treatment Discs with temperature gauges (.5 oz each), 21 Revitalizer Lights and three three premium matchboxes, retails for $265. Also sold separately, a basic Revatializer (without temperature control) is $70, a four-pack of Age Reversing Soy Treatment Discs is $60, and a six-pack of Revitalizer Refill Lights is 27.50.

In keeping with Soypure’s corporate philosophy of “creating ageless beauty by revitalizing body, mind and spirit,” the company’s soy skin care line also includes body care and aromatherapy products formulated to detoxify, exfoliate and moisturize to “maintain beautiful skin at any age.” Luxuriously soothing and nurturing, they complement one another to create an ambiance of the ultimate at-home spa experience for total wellness of body, mind and spirit.

The products are presently in the test marketing phase and are sold on the company’s website, according to Mr. Goldberg, who has an interest in partnerships or deals to get his product more widespread distribution, including in the prestige beauty care industry.

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