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Wet 'n Wild Turns 30

February 5, 2009

After three decades on the market, the brand is all grown up and aimed at value-conscious adults.

Wet ‘n Wild Turns 30

After three decades on the market, the brand is all grown up and aimed at value-conscious adults.

By Bridget Klebaur

The crossover from 29 to 30 has never been more wild, or met with such excitement.

As Wet ‘n Wild celebrated its 30th anniversary as a cosmetics, makeup and skin care products brand, company executives reminisced about themes of past decades, and introduced their new line of fun and flirty makeup at a press event in New York City last month.

The Wet 'n Wild product lineup for 2009.
The 2009 line includes innovative products such as Lash Intense Mascara, Mega Eyes Crème Eyeliner and Speed Gloss Energizing Lip Shine, which offers high shine infused with energizing ingredients. Created by Shawn Haynes, the senior vice president of marketing and global brand development, the gloss contains natural ingredients such as acai berry, gingko biloba, ginseng and guarana, which are said to energize and nourish lips, according to Mr. Haynes.

“I thought of the idea for this as I was sitting drinking an energy drink” said Mr. Haynes, explaining that this lipgloss is basically an “energy drink for your lips.”

Company officials contend that kind of creativity, linked with the value positioning, will benefit the brand overall in 2009.  The makeup is both stylish and fashionable, while still sporting the class Wet ‘n Wild name. This is an advantage for the company, as many loyal Wet ‘n Wild users have been drawn back to the brand because of its low price points and high style. Together, that translates into value for the customer.

“Value is becoming more and more important,” Mr. Haynes explained.

The New Additions

True to its value heritage the new additions for 2009 are all priced between $1.99 and $4.99. Yet, despite the low price points, several products are high on innovation. For example, Lash Intensive Mascara, available in Very Black and Soft Black shades, features a revolutionary brush and definer that separates lashes, lengthens and volumizes. New Mega Eyes Crème Eyeliner (available in Black and Eggplant) includes an angled brush that allows for mistake-proof application and I-Sparkle Eyeshadow, in Star Clusters, Galactic Realm and Solar Eclipse shades, features colors that can be used individually or combined for a shimmery chic look.

For skin, Wet ‘n Wild is rolling out Ultimate Match SPF 15 Foundation in Ivory, Porcelain, Nude, Beige, Bisque and Sand shades. It shields skin from environmental damage while color-adjusting pigments provide flawless, perfectly matched look in any light, according to the company. Meanwhile, Natural Wear Pressed Powder (available in Natural, Ivory, Warm Beige, Bare, Buff, Golden, and Classic Beige) is said to be non-irritating and free of parabens, fragrances, and harsh chemicals for a soft matte finish with natural coverage.

Lips are also in the spotlight this year, as Wet ‘n Wild rolls out Speed Gloss Energizing Lip Shine in a variety of shades. According to company executives, Speed Gloss provides a dose of natural ingredients while maintaining a sheer juicy color. Also new is Mega Last Long Wear Lip Color, a long-wearing lip color and moisturizing balm in one.

Finally, Wet ‘n Wild’s Eye Makeup Remover is billed as a soothing, oil-free aloe vera-enriched eye makeup remover that gently removes even waterproof eye makeup and comes in a convenient 3oz travel size.

Blasts from the Past

While the 2009 collection has a lot to offer, looking back at the previous collections brings back memories for many customers as Wet ‘n Wild was all the rage among pre-teens and teens because of its affordability and value. It was also a fun and trendy makeup line with different themes according to each new decade.

Speaking of the line’s longevity, Mr. Hayes traced the companies history from “1979, when Wet ‘n Wild was born, to the ‘Flashdance-esque’ 1989 line, to the ‘Sex and the City’ of 1999, to 2009 which is high-quality and performance based.”

For years, Wet ‘n Wild has targeted a younger crowd. But as the economy continues to slip, unemployment continues to rise and wary consumers review every purchase, the brand has the potential to reach a broader audience that’s interested in style and value. By creating new products that appeal to women of all ages, Wet ‘n Wild keeps things fun and creative while remaining affordable, which should make it an attractive brand in this failing economy.

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