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Daisy Fuentes, Style Pro

March 2, 2009

TV host and fashion mogul gets back to her roots with new hair care range.

Daisy Fuentes, Style Pro

TV host and fashion mogul gets back to her roots with new hair care range.

By Joanna Cosgrove
Online Editor

Television personality Daisy Fuentes has successfully launched a major clothing line and several fine perfumes and she recently put her own stamp on the hair care segment with the launch of Daisy Fuentes Style Pro through Chicago-based premium hair care company, Beautology Brands, which produces and markets the new collection.

The line marks a return to a business near and dear to Ms. Fuentes—before her TV career took off, she was enrolled in cosmetology school with dreams of opening her own salon. That said, she had very specific formulation plans for her line and also took advantage of her experience creating several successful fragrances to imbue her products with beautiful, upscale scents.

“I’ve been in the business of beauty and fashion all my life,” said Ms. Fuentes. “I’ve been fortunate enough to work with the best hair stylists in the industry, which really gives me an edge as to what’s going on in the market place.”

Ms. Fuentes and her management team were approached by Stuart Straus, president/CEO and majority shareholder of Beautology Brands, company which markets, manufactures and distributes hair care brands including Charles Worthington London and Chemistry Salon Labs. Mr. Straus said had great interest in Daisy based on her “instant awareness with consumers” and her successful fashion line.

“Daisy always had a long-term goal of expanding into the health and beauty realm,” he said. “It was an easy-fit based on her years of working with the world’s top stylists and her love for hair and beauty.”

The Daisy Fuentes line boasts high quality ingredients.
A top priority during the formulation phase of the line was creating “a high-quality product with safe ingredients that actually worked,” he said.

Ms. Fuentes was concerned that there are very few hair care products in the market that are sulfate- and parabens-free and she took pride in the fact that she was able to create products that are “highly effective without containing drying sulfates and unhealthy parabens.”

“Finding high quality, healthy formulas that result in beautiful hair was a priority for Daisy,” said Mr. Straus. “There was a big opportunity to introduce a brand with a beauty involved celebrity such as Daisy with outstanding products all based on achieving camera ready beauty.”

The nine paraben- and sulfate-free items include Flawless Smooth & Straight Shampoo, Conditioner and Straightening Blow Day—Flat Iron Finishing Spray; Voluminous Curls & Waves Shampoo, Conditioner and Mousse; Luxurious Ultra Deep Conditioner; Absolute All Day Hair Spray; and Daisy’s personal favorite, the Luminous High Shine Finishing Spray, which she calls her red-carpet must-have. The packaging and formulations are upscale but budget-friendly, ranging from $7.99 and $9.99.

The line also benefitted from Ms. Fuentes’ experience in the fragrances segment, as she helped to develop a luxuriously aromatic scent for the lineup.

“She chose a beautiful orchid and tuberose scent that is not overpowering and is unlike any other in the category,” said Mr. Straus. “It is already hugely popular with consumers.”

While Ms. Fuentes embraces her Hispanic heritage, her ethnicity doesn’t reflect upon the collection’s core target consumer.

“The beauty of Daisy is that she has wide consumer appeal,” said Mr. Straus. “The true focus plays upon Daisy’s career in front of the camera and more importantly behind the scenes. She has learned from the best that the type of hair care products you use on a daily basis can really affect the health and outcome of the style.  It is all about achieving camera-ready gorgeous hair.

“Daisy Fuentes Style Pro is one of the first brands that is truly for a multicultural consumer looking for a true luxurious beauty brand without harsh sulfates or unhealthy parabens,” added Mr. Straus. “Daisy has and continues to play an integral role in every aspect of the brand from formulations to packaging to advertising. She has a wealth of knowledge to share from her years of hands-on experience with the world’s top beauty and fashion experts.”

According to Mr. Straus, the introduction of the new Daisy Fuentes Style Pro line is timed perfectly.

“Although the economy is challenging right now, consumers are responding to great products that meet their needs,” he said. “Daisy Fuentes Style Pro will be available in 11,000 plus doors in its first year including Walgreens and Rite Aid.”

“I am absolutely thrilled to finally share these products with others,” commented Ms. Fuentes. “I’ve learned that behind every gorgeous hair style is great products. Stylist or no stylist, I want my hair to look and feel its best and these products help me achieve beautiful, healthy hair, every day.”

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