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20 years of OPI

April 28, 2009

The nail color company is at the tip of their game!

At the Tip of Their Game

OPI celebrates 20 years of nail polish with a variety of 2009 rollouts.

By Melissa Meisel
Associate Editor

Chances are, if you’re into nail polish, you know about OPI. The North Hollywood, CA-based company is best known for its trendy seasonal lacquers, “ProWide” brushes and formaldehyde, DBP and toluene-free formulations. A staple in HAPPI’s Top 50 companies listing, OPI posted sales of $400 million in 2008 and shows no signs of slowing down for 2009.

The brand’s Spring 2009 rollouts include the limited-edition 90210 by OPI, three nail lacquer shades inspired by the hit WB remake of Aaron Spelling’s classic teen drama;as well as the South Beach Collection by OPI, a festive color palette of hot pink and cool coral, teal and ocean blue, lilac and grey, sandy nudes and silvery white. OPI is also set to debut Colorcopia—12 nail lacquers from the past that salon professionals and their clients loved.

With 90210, OPI capitalizes on the rebirth of a classic TV show.

According to the company, Colorcopia commemorates OPI’s 20th year of nail lacquers – now available in more than 200 colors on six continents. And with more than a thousand shades created over the past two decades, no two are alike!

OPI also paired up with Paige Premium, Denim for Bright Pair by OPI, a complimentary collection of nail hues to the designers Summer 2009 denim line.

Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI executive vice president and artistic director, found some time to talk with HAPPI about the latest news and launches at the company for now and later:

HAPPI: What makes OPI different from all other nail collections?

SWF: OPI sets itself apart from the competition by consistently providing the hottest shades and the highest quality nail care products available.We always stay ahead of the trend and release colors that other companies have never thought to put on nails.We’re not afraid to take risks and that has made us the success we are today. We are now available in over 100 countries and have OPI educators all over the world who keeps salon professionals updated on our newest products and latest nail care techniques.

HAPPI: How do you pick your colors each season for the collections?

SWF: I base each collection on an alluring destination where I have traveled, and use the colors from that particular locale to inspire the new nail lacquer shades. With the South Beach Collection, for example, I created colors that reminded me of the sizzling climate, sun-kissed complexions, and sandy beaches… perfect for summer!

HAPPI: Who thinks of the names of the nail shades and how do they go about it?

OPI's new South Beach collection.
SWF: Selecting the names is such a fun and interactive process.A small group of OPI employees gather together to brainstorm potential color names for the new collections, and we even order food from the specific region to inspire us (and food is always a big deal at OPI).For our previous collection, La Collection de France, not only did we order French food, we gave everyone a beret and French moustache. And for the South Beach Collection, we ordered an array of tropical dishes and non-alcoholic mojitos.

HAPPI:You’ve recently created a 90210 line. How do you go about choosing celebrity/TV tie-ins? Any future plans for similar collections?

SWF: It’s all about the right timing and the right opportunity.We look for entertainment partners that are an organic fit for our product.We were actually lucky enough to be approached by 90210 as we were preparing for our next promotion, so the timing worked out perfectly.There was so much excitement and anticipation surrounding the show’s revival that we just couldn’t pass up this wonderful opportunity.It was so much fun to create these stylish colors for one of the hottest shows on television! As of right now, there aren’t any plans for similar collections, but we’re always open to suggestions.

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