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Wonders of the Sea

June 10, 2009

La Prairie's new day cream harnesses the benefits of ocean plant life without harming the ecosystem.

Wonders of the Sea

La Prairie’s new day cream harnesses the benefits of ocean plant life without harming the ecosystem.

By Christine Esposito
Associate Editor

Blaise Pascal, the French mathematician, philosopher and physicist is believed to have said, “The least movement is of importance to all nature. The entire ocean is affected by a pebble.”

Now imagine the cosmetic industry, in its quest to deliver the best skin care products using natural materials, as that pebble.

La Prairie, in rolling out new Advanced Marine Biology day cream with SPF 20, has done its best to harness the wonders of the sea without causing harm to the delicate ocean ecosystem.

Céline Cousteau
In fact, the day cream—like the line’s existing tonic and night solution—has the backing of special ambassador with a legendary connection to and current passion for preserving the wonders of sea: Céline Cousteau, granddaughter of ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau.

Using wild plants derived from their natural Atlantic Ocean environment, La Prairie’s Aquaculturetechnology harnesses the protective power of marine plants for use in the Advanced Marine Biology Collection.

“One of the specialties of Aquaculture is the controlled, land-based production of marine algae, kelp and other sea plants, using purified sea water and technologically advanced customized nutrients,” said Andrea Ford, director of education and special events for La Prairie.

This, she continued, allows the plants to be grown and harvested in ideal conditions, similar to the hydroponic growth of land plants. The plants are then fermented to increase the potency of their antioxidant properties.

In addition, Aquaculture technology overcomes concerns about wild plant populations, seasonal changes and accessibility with controlled, large-scale land-based production year-round.

“It also moves a technical process out of a fragile natural environment already stressed by pollution and waste, into a scientifically controlled situation. Perfect sunlight, aeration, temperature and purified seawater combine to form the optimal nursery tor nutrients, and growth rates accelerate,” Ms. Ford said.

According to La Prairie, the new protective aquaculture complex in Advanced Marine Biology Day Cream SPF 20 is composed of phytoplankton, which have been developed specifically for the cream product.

“It is a unique blend of microalgae, including blue-green algae, that protects against free radicals induced by UV exposure,” according to Ms. Ford. “The phytoplankton is harvested and exposed to UV light during its growing period to boost its power to fight free radicals that are toxic to skin cells.During this time, it produces protective natural substances and will protect skin cells just as it protects itself. It works as a true defense system, providing a ‘vaccine-like,’ or immune boosting, protection to the skin.There is also a firming aquaculture complex of cultivated algaes, kelp and other sea plants that stimulates collagen production and inhibits elastase, thus improving firmness and elasticity.”

Ms. Costeau applauds La Prairie’s efforts, and as such is a spokesperson for line, which ranges from $95 for the 5oz. tonic to $175 for either a 1.7oz night solution or 1.7oz. day cream.

“La Prairie has proven that every company can take steps to being more sustainable and environmentally minded,” said Ms. Cousteau. “This responsibility does not just lie with the NGOs, the conservationists or the products that chose to be 100% organic; it is a responsibility all industries must face. La Prairie proves that it is possible for luxury to exist in an environmentally minded world.”

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