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Hain Celestial Celebrates

By Nancy Jeffries, Correspondent | September 28, 2009

Natural personal care leader marks several milestone

Irwin Simon, president and CEO, Hain Celestial Group, Inc. cuts anniversary cake topped by representations of Hain products.
Performance in natural products is a key priority for consumers today and effective formulas that are pure and safe are among the key mandates. A market leader in natural personal care brands that just re-invented its products with innovative natural technology is The Hain Celestial Group, Inc. The company marked the occasion of four noteworthy anniversaries with a festive event and a new look and feel for its leading natural brands, with a launch that took place on September 22, 2009. Jason celebrated its 50th anniversary, Alba Botanica, celebrated its 30th, Zia Natural Skincare turned 25, and Avalon Organics feted its 15th year. With a combined 120 years of experience, Hain Celestial Personal Care has been, and with newly revamped ingredients and packaging, continues to be a leading natural and organic products company in both North America and Europe.

By including higher levels of active ingredients, such as unique combinations of essential oils, and emphasizing its commitment to natural technologies, all Hain Celestial products are free of chemicals, include no parabens, formaldehyde donors, phthalates, sulfates or aluminum, and feature 100% vegetarian ingredients and no animal testing.

“All the raw materials are eco-cert certified, with those in the Alba Botanica line drawn from the Amazon, and those incorporated in Zia products designed to enhance skin health and elasticity, naturally,” explained Heshi Mahinrod, senior director of technical services, The Hain Celestial Group, Inc., who has a background in environmental chemistry and worked on formula development of the newly renovated brands.

Heshi Mahinrod, senior director, technical services; Emma Froelich, VP-marketing, personal care, Hain Celestial and Nancy Jeffries, Happi correspondent, at the celebration of Hain Celestial’s Four Milestones.
The Jason brand, a leader in natural personal care, includes items for face, body and hair, as well as natural oral care, including its PowerSmile franchise. Alba Botanica draws inspiration from nature incorporating plant proteins, natural botanicals, vitamins and sea enzymes, as well as tropical fruit, nut and plant extracts, with its nutrient-based Rainforest line. Certified by the Rainforest Alliance, with responsibly sourced rainforest ingredients, it also supports Rainforest education through the Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research.

Zia Natural Skincare utilizes synergistic blends of natural ingredients for its facial care products, to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin elasticity and stimulate cell rejuvenation.
Avalon Organics, which celebrated 15 years on the market, includes a full range of organic personal care products based on essential oils. Products are packaged in their signature green bottles, each containing a minimum of 70% organic content. The Avalon line is also created with organic agriculture and long-term sustainability in mind.

Consciousness in Cosmetics

“Avalon honors the world with consciousness in cosmetics. There are 57 SKUs being renovated currently for release in February 2010, and each brand has accomplished an amazing achievement in meeting the needs of cosmetic user,” said Emma Froelich, VP-marketing, personal care, Hain Celestial, Inc.

She contrasted the natural versus the conventional cosmetic consumer, noting that within each group and age demographic, there were distinct needs. Alba Botanica is for younger skin, Avalon, for 30- to 45-year olds, and Zia, is designed for anti-aging.

“No longer does the customer have to decide between natural and efficacy. We have put our investments into pure organic and natural ingredients that haven’t been processed, and the products are performance oriented.”

Keri Glassman, speaker and founder of A Nutritious Life, Nutrition Consulting
Drawing on Celestial Seasonings’ heritage, Jason featured Natural Lemon Zinger Hand and Body Lotion (12oz, $9.95), which included its exclusive ingredient, Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger Tea, Hibiscus, Rosehips and Lemon Peel, to help fight free radical damage, and vitamin B5, avocado and sunflower seed oil to rejuvenate skin. Alba Botanic featured Hawaiian Coconut Milk Body Cream (6.5oz, $12.95), to fortify dry skin with coconut oil, aloe, vanilla, papaya and mango extracts, plus kukui, macadamia and shea to nourish stressed skin; and Alba Botanic Rainforest Acai Renewal Scrub, with acai nut powder, cupuacu butter, and andiroba oil combine to soften and rejuvenate skin (4oz, $14.95).

Avalon featured Avalon Organics Volumizing Rosemary Shampoo, as well as Conditioner (each 11oz, $9.45), with Wheat Protein for fuller hair, Rosemary Essential Oil, to improve circulation, and vitamin E, panthenol, arginine and organic rosemary for cleansing, as well as volumizing and conditioning. Zia Natural Skincare offered Oceanic Clay Moisture Crème (2.1 oz, $42.95), an emollient Moisture Crème enriched with oceanic clay mineral water to hydrate and nourish the skin, plus myrtle leaf extract to reduce the signs of aging, and Olive Leaf Extract to provide antioxidant protection from UV damage.

In keeping with the theme of natural beauty from the inside out, Keri Glassman, MS, RD, CDN, president, A Nutritious Life, and author of The O2 Diet, discussed the importance of knowing which foods and ingredients had positive effects on the body, rather than hearing about those ingredients that are bad for the body, including trans fats, white sugar and aspartame.

“We need to understand the importance of antioxidants and their effect on free radicals, as they help to build the body’s defenses,” she said.

Ms. Glassman noted that antioxidants contribute to reduced signs of aging, younger looking skin, shinier hair, and stronger nails, adding that Hain Celestial products incorporated antioxidants in their formulas, including acai, pomegranate, and others that help detoxify the body.

“These ingredients may be ingested or applied topically,” noted Glassman, stressing the importance of building the skin’s natural resilience.

To cap off the event, a festive, almond-infused, all-natural birthday cake, created by Duff Goldman and the chefs of Charm City Cakes, currently seen on Food Network’s Ace of Cakes, captured the excitement of the launch with a Hain Celestial cake, shaped like the new product packaging of the lines. Additional information on these and other Hain Celestial Group, Inc. products is available at:,,, and