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Keeping It Healthy

By Christine Esposito, Associate Editor | January 12, 2012

For Malibu C, it's all about taking care of hair, and the environment too.

When it comes to healthy hair, Malibu C executives say it’s best to take care of it before there’s a problem. This California-based hair and skin care firm, which is based in the city it is named after, has been a leader in the salon side of natural, having recently celebrated its 25th year of manufacturing unique natural hair treatments.

For company founder Tom Porter, prevention is the secret to great looking hair.

“Malibu C natural wellness treatments are used by professionals and their clients to either correct a problem with a client’s hair, scalp or skin or, most importantly, used before services and on-going at home as a lifestyle to prevent problems from occurring….truly an example of ‘wellness, explained Porter.

One of the line’s standout SKUs is Color Prepare, a patented formula of fresh-dried ingredients that combine food grade ingredients with sulfate-free surfactants that are used to prepare the hair for all color services.

Malibu C helps keep hair healthy.
“Not only does this unique product naturally draw out elements that are attached to the hair blocking penetration of color, but it also helps fill the porous pockets of hair where color would otherwise not attach,” said Porter. “The combination ofusing vitamins to prepare hair for better services is a perfect example of our wellness approach to correct conditions of the hair before there is a problem. It is also an example of how the Malibu C team works to shift behavior of professionals to prepare the hair for color to ensure their success rather than react to problems after they color the hair.”

Among its newest rollouts are Malibu C’s new Color Wellness Shampoo and Color Wellness Conditioner, which are infused with an Ecocert-ingredient complex that contains 100% vegan ingredients. The blend features antioxidant pro-vitamin B5, which protects against environmental toxins; organic aloe, which helps soothe an irritated scalp and retain healing moisture; and betaine, a sugar beet-derived ingredient which protects the scalp from chemical irritation.

The Color Wellness Conditioner makes use of flax-and rice-based proteins, as well as natural UV absorbers and antioxidant vitamin E to help maintain hair’s moisture balance while protecting against brassiness and fading—two of the biggest barriers to maintaining the vitality of hair color.

But this company cares for more than consumers’ locks; there’s special attention paid to Mother Earth as well.

“Malibu C treatments have always been marketed as the ‘wellness approach to beauty’ using a vitamin complex of crystals packaged in eco-friendly packets that take up less room in landfills compared to any bottles or other comparative packaging,” said Porter. “These packets are the foundation on which Malibu C encourages minimizing water footprints around the world.”


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