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The Wow Factor

By Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor | October 14, 2013

Color Wow says its Root Cover Up is ground-breaking hair color.

The maintenance of color-treated hair is well, like the myth of Sisyphus who spend eternity pushing that rock uphill only to have it roll back down again. Covering grays and keeping locks shiny and healthy amidst monthly treatments can be not only heavy on the wallet but can leave strands dry and brittle.
Independent hair care company Color Wow is looking to address this challenge with a new cleansing, conditioning and styling collection. It is billed as the first complete range of color care products that not only spells the end for roots, but also solves issues associated with treated tresses.
Color Wow was developed by Gail Federici, who worked with John Frieda and the award-winning team behind the revolutionary product lines that figured out frizz and perfected blonde. Cosmetic chemist Dr. Joe Cincotta, responsible for formulating many of the products launched by Federici and Frieda, was the formulator behind Color Wow.
According to the company, for the more than 75% of women who color their hair, Color Wow provides a comprehensive, at-home solution to unsightly roots, fading, brassiness and more. The products are sold on QVC and in Ulta stores nationwide, as well as online at and
After three years of development, Cincotta perfected the brand’s hero product, Root Cover Up, which acts like a colorist in a compact. This revolutionary formula, available in four versatile shades, seamlessly covers gray roots. But the blonde shade boasts one of the most extraordinary features, in that it even covers dark re-growth in lightened and highlighted hair to restore highlights, said the company. Never before has dark re-growth been “lightened” without peroxide.
According to Federici, “I often compare our revolutionary Root Cover Up to the iPhone. I call it the next ‘hand-held device to change your life’. We had mobile phones for years, but until the iPhone, none of them were groundbreaking…equally, there were decades of root-re-touching products, but now there’s Color Wow, the ultimate re-touch formulation."
The Root Cover Up is a professional mineral powder with a unique oil-based, non-waxy formula that stays in place, creates multi-dimensional shine and looks completely natural. Each shade contains a number of colors and pigments to ensure natural blending with the tones in your own hair. Because of its extreme portability and ease of use, it’s ideal for travel and last minute, on-the-go fixes. And because it is free of dyes, the Root Cover Up is every pregnant woman’s solution to the dilemma of avoiding hair color during pregnancy, added Federici.
The extended Color Wow line also includes a sulfate-free shampoo featuring a unique LCD (Low Charge Density) Technology to prevent cuticle swelling and fading; conditioners featuring the proprietary Sealicon color shield complex to protect and smooth the cuticle; a lavender-tinted mousse to counteract harsh, brassy blonde tones; a unique teal-tinted mousse for dark hair to counteract orange and red brassy tones; a styling cream to transform distressed hair into smooth, healthy hair; and a crystallite shellac that seals the cuticle to trap color and moisture and add a high-gloss, protective finish.
According to Federici, "The iPhone led the touch-screen revolution, Color Wow leads the re-touch revolution. The same is true of our sulphate-free shampoo and our conditioner. This really is truly trailblazing hair care, challenging the boundaries of our industry’s technology.”
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