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A New Concept in Acne Care

By Nancy Jeffries, Online Editor | December 16, 2013

Clear Clinic @ Home might just change the way folks combat their acne.

Clear Clinic @ Home is changing the paradigm for at-home anti-acne regimens with a sophisticated interactive approach. Earlier this month, Dr. Eric S. Schweiger, a board-certified dermatologist, and founder of Clear Clinic, launched Clear Clinic Laboratories, and the Manhattan-based clinic’s line of 19 professional grade over the counter skin care products, along with Clear Clinic @ Home, a customizable at-home program designed to bring high level dermatologic care directly to the consumer.
The proprietary line of products is formulated with high-end ingredients that are both efficacious and luxurious, drawing inspiration from the expensive anti-aging products currently found in the market, and meeting the needs of a significant demographic, according to Schweiger, who is the author of 100 Acne Tips & Solutions: The Clear Guide to Perfect Skin. Schweiger created the brand one year ago, recognized the need to focus on the anti-acne market and established Clear Clinic, which offers multiple New York City locations.
“Fifty million Americans are affected by acne, and forty million are treated by over-the-counter methods, while only ten million are treated by dermatologists,” said Schweiger. “The forty million who have been buying one size fits all products have been doing so without professional guidance.”
The Clear Clinic @ Home, which provides services and products for all ages, from teens to adults, offers a four-step approach for clients, consisting of customization; consultation; Clear Track, a software system that monitors complexions; and ongoing care, which consists of acne treatment care and guidance from a Personal Acne Coach.
How It Works
When clients first log onto the Clear Clinic website they are asked to fill out a questionnaire which will enable the customization of their product kit. They are then enrolled in the Clear Clinic @ Home Personalized Acne Treatment Program, which includes monthly consultations and a continuous supply of product. Consultations may be held at a patient’s convenience via live video, e-chat, or by telephone.
Clients remain in contact with their Personal Acne Coach throughout the process, which includes regular consultations, progress assessments, and ongoing care recommendations. The monthly price for the service is $87.50, which includes a continuous product supply for each regimen, monthly consults, and email access to the Personal Acne Coach. Beginning next month, individuals can log in and begin the process. The questionnaires are linked to an algorithm that enables the analysis of the correct combination of products needed for each individual, and the line, according to Schweiger, is “jam packed with actives” that will provide a kit built for each client’s specific needs. Clear Clinic is staffed with acne-trained board certified dermatologists, physician assistants, and licensed clinical aestheticians, who provide comprehensive care, services, and products. The Clear Clinic @ Home program provides trained aestheticians to conduct online consultations and offer instructions for product use, while the Clear Track acne treatment Regimen Tracking system allows individuals to type in and track their regimen. The service also time stamps what an individual was using and when, which enables modifications in the process, as needed.
Key products in the line include Foamy Cleanser, Daily Tea Tree & Sulfur Wash, Pore Purifying Pumpkin Mask, Serious Action Serum (for adult acne patients, utilizing salicylic acid and manuka oil), Vanished Clear Spot Treatment, and Green Tea Serum. Schweiger notes that while the enrollment is set up as a membership, products are available to all without enrollment, and that the most important takeaway is, “Don’t fight acne alone.” A basic box kit consists of a Wash, AM Treatment, PM Treatment, and Moisturizer. Of the 19 products in the line, from the O2 Everyday Acne Wash, with micro-milled benzoyl peroxide, to penetrate pores and eliminate bacteria without irritation; the Prep & Soothe Daily Gentle Moisturizer, with aloe barbadensis leaf juice, squalene, and beeswax; the GTS 2.4 Green Tea Serum, which combines the active ingredient in green tea with cucumber extract to help soothe skin; Clear Me Softly Pads, with glycolic acid to refine the complexion without causing irritation; or P3 Mask, a Pore Purifying Pumpkin Enzyme Mask designed to clarify the skin, while pumpkin extract and enzymes exfoliate the skin to reveal a healthy, glowing complexion, the entire line presents a new context for anti-acne treatment, with efficacious ingredients that are also effective in improving the skin’s appearance and texture. Deep Pore Pads, for example, are Complexion Refining Pads, which combine green tea and retinol to smooth and soften the complexion, while unclogging the pores and evening the skin tone, SAS Serious Action Serum utilizes a combination salicylic acid, manuka oil, and a blend of botanicals to shrink pores and regulate sebum production, Vanished Clear Spot Treatment offers an on-the-go formulation with menthol and glycolic acid to clear spots quickly, and Enlighten Me Complexion Correcting Serum is designed to lighten dark spots that remain after acne breakouts. It contains a blend of kojic acid, pomegranate extract and sodium hyaluronate. There are also three body products as well, Attack Back Wash, Attack Back Pads, and Attack Back Gel, to reduce the number and severity of breakouts on the body.
Schweiger is aware of the high-end anti-aging skin care trend, noting that products in that category run the gamut from over the counter approaches to $300 lotions and creams.
“The anti-aging market has definitely brought an increased interest in healthy skin,” noted Schweiger. “There is one thing that is unique with the Clear Clinic concept, that is, to have equivalent high end ingredients often used for anti-aging skin care in acne care products. The acne population has been sort of stagnant in the past.
“Why shouldn’t the anti-acne category have innovative, exciting, and different products for acne treatment?” he asked.
Besides the launch of Clear Clinic @ Home, Schweiger and colleagues offer a full program of services specifically targeting acne treatment, including Exfoliating Chemical Peels, Cortisone Injections, Isolaz Laser Treatment, Photodynamic Therapy, and a range of procedures to treat acne scars, including Microdermabrasion, Fraxel Laser Therapy, Intense Pulsed Light, and Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing.
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