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By Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor | January 6, 2014

Vessel sees opportunity in the direct sales of fragranced jewelry.

Scented products are not a new concept, after all kitschy scratch ‘n’ sniff stickers have been around for decades, but fragrance as a fashion accessory…that’s a whole new level of beauty!
Vessel Scents of Style—a Springville, UT-based direct seller of fragranced jewelry—is a company to watch with a patent-pending concept. By merging fragrance and jewelry into custom accessory pieces, Vessel revolutionizes the way women shop for jewelry and fragrance, according to its founder, Karen Carter.
“Set apart from traditional jewelry and fragrance, Vessel has created a new product category—scented jewelry,” she told Happi. “Combining two products that nearly all women love, Vessel creates the fusion of scent and style.”
Vessel functions as a direct sales marketer—a growing trend seen with the current popularity of brands such as PartyLite, Arbonne or Rodan & Fields.
“We are a ‘home party’ company built to empower women and give them an opportunity to love their work while building a successful future for themselves,” said Carter. Vessel products can be purchased from independent stylists or directly through the company at
According to Carter, Vessel revolutionizes the way women shop for jewelry and fragrance.
“Our patent-pending scent system combines beautiful lockets with our exclusive ScentSpheres,” she explained. “These unique ScentSpheres are made from a natural clay base, making them highly porous and absorbent. Through our proprietary fragrancing process, pure perfume oils are infused into ScentSpheres, which are then placed into the lockets.”
According to Carter, Vessel’s range of chains and lockets in multiple finishes and scented inserts are interchangeable for truly customized pieces. Every locket or charm can be attached to any chain. Each locket can be filled with any ScentSpheres infused with your choice of one of Vessel’s tantalizing fine fragrances. Or, consumers can choose unscented beads and use their own signature perfume or essential oils. Each and every combination expresses a unique sense of style, she observed.
Carter told Happi what makes her patent-pending collection unique in the industry is its changeability.
“The beauty of the interchangeable aspect of Vessel jewelry is the ease of swapping lockets and chains to create a variety of looks that coordinates with any style,” she explained. “And the versatility of our ScentSpheres fragranced inserts allows the quick and easy insertion of a new fragrance at any time, from day to night or for any occasion.”
This entrepreneur added that flexibility is also maintained to adjust fragrance level from subtle to strong, depending on the number of ScentSpheres used, matching personal preference for whatever activity each day or night requires. And, since the fragrance is encased in a locket and never comes in direct contact with the skin, even women with sensitivities or allergies to scent on their skin can wear Vessel scented jewelry without worry. 
ScentSpheres are available in various colors, patterns and shapes. Vessel offers fine fragrances in five distinct categories: Citrus, Floral, Green, Woodsy and Spicy. Through initial consumer research and testing, 12 unique scents were selected to represent the Vessel branded fragrances. According to Carter, these pure perfume oils—with no added alcohol, water or chemicals to dilute the scent—are infused into our ScentSpheres for long-lasting fragrance.
“Becoming a member of our company just to start a business is not the only reason women join us,” said Carter. “They join to craft a lifestyle with a brand that speaks to their hearts and their heads; to establish a connection to quality products and services; to create cherished friendships—both personal and professional; to take on a challenge and succeed in amazing ways; to be rewarded generously for their effort; and to learn leadership skills that guide them toward being remarkable leaders within their business and life in general.”
During the next five years, Euromonitor International predicts US retail fragrance sales will reach $6.1 billion and US retail jewelry sales will reach $64 billion, Carter is confident that her company will make a name for itself within the growing sector.
“Marketing these two products that nearly all women love directly to our independent stylists, hostesses and customers, Vessel is on track for success and sustained growth.”
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