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Grin and Wear It

By Christine Esposito, Associate Editor | June 16, 2014

When one hears the name Efferdent, dentures naturally come to mind. Having built a solid reputation for cleaning false teeth, this well-known brand is out to capture a whole new crowd of consumers who still have their real ones.

White, straight teeth. It’s what everyone aspires to these days, driven by images of dazzling, perfect Hollywood smiles.  And today’s consumers invest time and serious cash to keep their chompers looking great, employing dental devices like clear braces and retainers—adults included.
In fact, 44 million people in the US wear removable dental devices.
But not all of them practice due diligence when it comes to care—and that is where Efferdent is taking a stand. This brand, which has built a solid reputation for cleaning dentures, has rolled out Fresh Guard, which is specially formulated to clean removable dental devices.
In a recent survey conducted by the brand, nearly 75% of those surveyed admitted to an “oral care disaster” of some sort. One-third said they’ve tossed their device in the trash, 26% confessed to dropping it on the floor and popping it back into their mouth without cleaning, and 15% have caught their pet chewing or licking their device.
“Until now, brushing with a toothbrush and toothpaste or soaking in mouthwash have been the leading methods for cleaning removable dental devices. Simply put, these methods aren’t designed to clean the unique materials these devices are made of, and as a result the devices are not getting as clean as they can be and may even be damaged through scratching, dulling, and more,” said Craig Rudner, senior brand innovation manager on Fresh Guard by Efferdent.
Mouthwash, toothbrushes and even denture cleaners aren’t up to snuff, according to Efferdent, which is owned by Prestige Brands.
“Most mouthwashes contain alcohol or dyes that can damage plastics and denture cleaners which were designed to clean non-porous porcelain dentures may actually interact with the plastics and other materials in removable dental devices.  Not to mention, the devices likely aren’t getting as clean as they can be when using these other methods,” added Rudner.
Instead, Fresh Guard’s formula helps prevent the build-up of sticky mouth film, reduces yellowing, helps remove stains, and kills 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria in five minutes, according to the brand.
The product is available as a soak and as a wipe. The soak has a color change indicator that lets users know when the process is complete.
The Fresh Guard Wipes, which leave behind a fresh mint flavor, are ideal for on-the-go cleaning—a perfect option for sports mouth guards, which are known to hit the turf during practice and get tossed back into a Ziploc bag or plastic case for the next game…and the game after that.
According to Rudner, Fresh Guard Soak and Fresh Guard Wipes are based on proprietary formulations.  
“Unlike other competitive offerings we’ve seen on the Internet or in limited distribution, Fresh Guard Soak is not simply a denture-cleaning product in a new package, but is based on completely different technology and contains no persulfates. The wipes are alcohol free and are pre-moistened so no water is needed, making them great for cleaning on-the-go, ideal for after meals for your retainer or after practice for your mouth guard,” he said. 
Fresh Guard is available at Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS, Giant Eagle, Walgreen’s and Amazon, and the price varies slightly by retailer, with the average price about $5.99 per box.
Rudner told that Efferdent is spreading the word about Fresh Guard through a multi-layered campaign, reaching professionals, consumers and shoppers.
“We are speaking directly to oral care professionals through a presence at national trade shows, targeted media outreach, print and digital placements. We are also distributing samples to dental offices for distribution to their patients.
To reach consumers, the brand is using digital marketing, including SEO/SEM, pre-roll and banner ads and driving traffic to, where users can sign up to receive offers and updates, including a coupon they can share via Facebook, Twitter or email.
“We will also be launching a TV commercial, a version of which is currently posted on YouTube. There are other exciting elements of social marketing and additional sampling events that are coming in the near future.”  

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