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Squeaky Clean

By Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor | August 11, 2014

Pura Naturals creates first new retail category for body cleansers.

Following a four-month private label test in the Southwest, Pura Naturals ( is launching multiple personal bathing products under its own brand on a national basis. The soap-infused sponges not only exfoliate but also extract oils and other contaminants from the skin. Unlike traditional, cellulose sponges, Pura Naturals repel water—inhibiting the bacteria growth, odor and other issues that have prevented widespread uses of sponges for personal care.

Executives at Pura Naturals insist that they’ve created the first new category in body cleansing in nearly four decades, and the launch has attracted early excitement among the retail and natural products communities. The products are created from the same unique foam approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to clean sensitive waterways, the company contends.

 “Our discussions with some of the top names in upscale grocery, drug, discount and mass have been eye-opening. Buyers are stating that Pura Naturals are establishing the first new category for personal cleansing since the introduction of liquid soap in 1980,” said Jim Kordenbrock, CEO of Pura Naturals LLC. “Just like Netflix has changed how we’re watching television, or Uber is altering how we hail a taxi, Pura Naturals has the potential to change how we shower and bathe.”

The initial products are being introduced in multiple fragrances including Active Peppermint Volcano, Citrus Splash and Lavender Mist, with an option of either a single-pack bar or three-pack, thin slice format. Additional fragrances and SKUs are planned for later this year.

According to Kordenbrock, the future is bright for both Pura Naturals and the green industry itself.
“We anticipate that these currently niche-market trends in eco-friendly and natural beauty products will continue to gain momentum as more consumers discover the benefits natural products have both on their own health and well-being, as well as the broader positive impact such products have on the natural world,” he told Happi. “We expect the younger generations to lead the health and beauty market, and teach older generations as well as generations yet to come about the benefits of utilizing sustainable, natural health and beauty products and natural products in other categories.”
And, of course, what health and beauty products don’t contain is often just as important as the ingredients they do contain.
Kordenbrock added, “Today, men and women alike are looking for products that not only make them look and feel good, but are actually good and nourishing for their bodies. When a shopper flips over a product they’re considering, they’re looking for keywords like petroleum-free, gluten-free and vegan products made of sustainably-raised, 100% natural ingredients.”

The brand is set to debut a line of household cleaning sponges as well.
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