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All Aboard for Beauty!

By Nancy Jeffries, Online Editor | August 18, 2014

Editors cruise along the Hudson River while they peruse the latest ideas in beauty and personal care.

A sunset sail on the Hudson offered a refreshing way to discover the newest beauty brand launches and take in some great views of Manhattan. The Zephyr Yacht served as a floating showcase for a wide range of beauty and personal care brands, setting the scene for a unique exhibition at sea last month.

“We wanted to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Beauty Press in the US in a unique location and offer the opportunity for brands, press and retailers to enhance and refresh their contacts in the cosmetics cosmos,” explained Gabriele Fuchs, CEO and founder of the International Beauty Press Network, which organized the event. Fuchs, who also runs Beauty Press in Vienna, Hamburg, Munich, Paris, Los Angeles, New York, and will soon add Zurich to its roster, acknowledging that the face-to-face experience between beauty editors, beauty lovers, and brands offered an intimate experience of the products, as well as a great networking opportunity.
Products ranged from personal care accessories, like the Happy Hands Original UV Nail Glove, with a protective 40+ UPF coating, to the newest deluxe perfume making kit from Sue Phillips of Scenterprises, called The Scentarium. All the products could be sampled, sniffed, tested, and tried on, enhancing the experience of each introduction. Happy Hands got the party started with their UV nail gloves, which are able to block 98% of harmful UV rays for clients getting shellac/gel manicures. UV rays can cause skin damage and premature aging, and the gloves are designed to protect the hands when they are exposed to UV light during the manicure process. (

Elke Von Freudenberg, a New York City-based eyebrow specialist, presented a natural route to brow growth with a trio of products: the Brow Scrub, Brow Serum and Brow Smooth. Unlike treatment products that use synthetic peptides or human growth hormones, Von Freudenberg’s Elke line relies on vegan and cruelty-free ingredients to create thicker, fuller brows. Brow Scrub, for example, contains cocos nucifera, virgin coconut oil, to prevent dryness and flaking, while Brow Serum utilizes aloe vera and methylsulfonylmethane, a natural sulfur compound to contribute to healthy hair growth and improved circulation. Brow Smooth contains omega-9 fatty acids and DL-Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5), which provides softening properties that penetrate the skin and hair to give brows moisture and sheen. (

Measurable Difference Lash & Brow Amplifying Serum was among the products offered by this head-to-toe beauty solution provider. The Serum is formulated with RegenaLash plus a peptide complex with a patented delivery technology, including myristoyl pentapeptide-17, which helps promote healthier, longer looking lashes and fuller-looking brows. The product, which retails for $29.99, dries clear and nourishes and conditions lashes and brows. (

Primp & Polish, a nail design brand that specializes in nail art, is adding a new dimension to the salon experience. With four Brooklyn locations, and a focus on client satisfaction, the salons offer a wide array of polishes, designed space for event hosting and unique nail art. Salon treatments include classic mani/pedis to volcanic clay, milk and honey treatments, custom designs, cucumber-based heel therapies, and stone massage. Primp & Polish offers both in-store experiences, including all manner of nail add-ons, from lace patterns to Van Gogh’s Starry Night miniatures painted directly on your nails, as well as a mobile service program. (www.primpandpolish).

Londontown, which began as a five-step nail treatment system to strengthen, hydrate, and restore weak and brittle nails, has expanded to include a full line of luxury nail lakur, that is infused with the same British family remedy, including vitamins and minerals to repair and strengthen nails, while providing long lasting, rich color. Londontown is available in salons, spas, retail locations and online. (

The 180Pro Hair Care Collection by Zotos is the newest launch from the brand. Designed to mend particularly traumatized tresses, the system features a repartive Pro-Peptide Complex, which contains a combination of reinforcing protein peptides and conditioning agents. The featured product is the Miracle Repair Damage Elinator Treatment, which uses a patent pending cross-linking ingredient to attract the reparative benefits of all the 180Pro products in the line. Included in the line are Intense Reconstruct Shampoo & Conditioner, Moisture Repair Shampoo & Conditioner, Rapid Restorer Rinse-Out Balm Frizz-Resister Dry Shine Oil MicroMist, Heat Rescue Leave-In Hydrator, Total Tamer Foaming Smoother, and Flawless Finisher Firm Hold Hairspray. All of the 180Pro products from Zotos are sold at Sally Beauty supply and are available to consumers. They are all priced under $10.00. (
Scents at Sea
Sue Phillips, creator of Scenterprises, which offers custom fragrances for men, women, bridal showers, bachelorette parties and corporate team-building, has just launched The Scentarium, a deluxe perfume-making kit. Fragrance expert, Phillips, who developed the kit, says, “The Scentarium provides a unique fragrance experience in a box.” The kit includes 12 (10ml) perfume blends categorized in four main fragrance families, Fresh, Floral, Woodsy, and Oriental. Each family consists of three perfume blends which can be combined to create signature scents to reflect your individuality. The kit contains two designer refillable 20ml atomizers, one silver and one black, with diamante accents, as well as an instruction sheet and blend chart. Blotter strips, formula cards to register your creation in the Scentarium database, as well as a scent personality test complete the set, which retails for $185. (

The Fragrance Group, a distributor of prestige fragrances, featured a range of luxury fragrances, both new and classic. Its portfolio includes Tiziana Terenzi, a third generation Italian candle brand that features scents inspired by the travels of their creator, Paolo Terenzi, which are available at Barney’s. In addition, it presented Parfums de Marly, inspired by 18th century France, and perfumes created for Louis XV, as a tribute to his horse races, each available at Nordstrom. The portfolio also featured Lalique Parfums, which combine the art of perfumery with the art of crystal making, presenting scents in timeless crystal bottles, available at Neiman Marcus. It featured its newest French fragrance from Lalique, called Satine. (www.thefragrancegroup).

Arts & Scents is a young perfume label headquartered in Fuerth, Bavaria, Germany. All of the brand’s perfumes and perfumed products are created in the classic European perfumers’ tradition made in small batches, with care and attention. The packaging reveals the elements and message of each scent’s individuality, with an apparent connection between the fragrance and the source from which it is drawn illustrated on each label. Scents include such blends as Green Sea, with corals, water flowers, and sea grass notes; Beach Flower 2014, with coconut milk, mango, and frangipani flowers; and Cuero de Mexico, with tuberose, jacaranda, myrrh and leather. (
Personal Care Products
Arm & Hammer introduced both its Truly Radiant Spinbrush, a battery-powered brush with deep cleaning bristles; as well as the new Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant Toothpaste. The toothpaste is said to remove 100% more surface stains than ordinary toothpaste, and is reportedly the only toothpaste with baking soda, peroxide and active calcium. According to the company, Truly Radiant toothpaste goes beyond the surface to strengthen, clean, and repair tooth enamel for a radiant smile in five days. (

Nair introduced a new at-home hair removal collection infused with 100% natural Moroccan argan oil. Church & Dwight, the maker of Nair depilatories and waxes, announced the launch, which includes Nair Ultimate Roll-On Wax Moroccan Argan Oil, Nair Sprays Away Moroccan Argan Oil, and Nair Shower Power Moroccan Argan Oil. The new line is also infused with orange blossom, which is known to hydrate and soothe the skin. Stacey Feldman, VP-marketing, Nair brand, at Church & Dwight, Co., Inc., said, “Because Moroccan argan oil is known for its deep replenishing and moisturizing qualities, it is frequently found in popular hair and skin care products. We are excited to introduce this luxurious ingredient into the hair removal category.”

Nair Ultimate Roll-On Wax Moroccan Argan Oil is a specially formulated resin wax that washes off easily with soap and water and can remove very short hair at the root. Its multi-position applicator allows for ease of application for use on the legs, body and bikini line. Nair Sprays Away Moroccan Argan Oil is a spray format designed for precise application on legs and body. It dissolves hair below the surface of the skin and is said to last days longer than shaving. Nair Shower Power Moroccan Argan Oil is an in-shower depilatory cream that resists runoff in the shower and is designed for use on legs and body, as well as coarse hair. In addition to Nair Sprays Away Moroccan Argan Oil, there is a new Nair Sprays Away Brazilian Clay formula, which has joined the existing Brazilian Spa Clay line, which is infused with mango butter and Açai berry, known for its moisturizing properties, and mineral-rich clay, to purify the skin.

Natural oils and butters make an appearance in a new line of Vegan Lip Glosses, by Armour Beauty. Armour Beauty is the braninchild of rocker and model, Theo Kogan. As the singer for the band, the Lunachicks, Theo is known for over-the-top makeup styles and richly pigmented lips. She wanted to create a lip gloss that would stay on during high-energy performances, and was also naturally-based and long-wearing. The new Armour Beauty collection, called Armour V launched in May 2014 with the shade called Brigitte, and is releasing two new shades in October 2014. The first is a Bright Raspberry Opaque named Funhouse, named as an homage to the album Funhouse, by the band, The Stooges; and the second is Hi-Way Star.

The lip glosses are vegan, paraben-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and feature natural oils and butters, including shea butter, olive, mango seed, avocado oils and butters, grape seed oil and Vitamin E to protect and moisturize the lips. They feature a vanilla grapefruit scent, and are presented as long-wearing rock ‘n’ roll lip glosses. The brand launched in Brooklyn, NY in 2009, and products are available online and in specialty boutiques, professional beauty stores, salons, and spas.

On board the Zephyr's climate-controlled decks, an inspired DJ, beauty product sampling galore, and the perfect sunset at sea, kept the beauty rocking to celebrate the Beauty Press milestone. Additional information about new product exhibitors and Beauty Press may be found at:
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