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The Top Stories of 2016

December 26, 2016

The companies and topics that grabbed headlines and your attention this year.

An old rule of tabloid journalism states “if it bleeds, it leads.”
At Happi, we have a slightly different take on that adage: “If it has anything to do with Procter & Gamble it will find an eager audience.”
In 2016 we weren’t proved wrong. Taking a look at the data generated by Google Analytics, we find that many of the most read news items and articles that have appeared on, involve P&G. That only makes sense; Procter is the biggest player in the global household and personal products industry so any news that comes out of Cincinnati is sure to interest competitors, vendors and the general public.
Here’s the top item for each of our main editorial categories, according to our data.

Breaking News: P&G Deal Weighs on Coty 

Online Exclusive: Procter Reels in Doctors

Formulary: Spray Detangler Hair Milk Leave-In Conditioner

Podcast: The Dangers of Celebrity Chemistry

Blog: Mirror, Mirror 

Expert’s Opinion: How to Start Your Own Beauty Line

Infographic: What a Girl Wants 

Slideshow: Beauty and the Geek  

Features: Skin Care of One’s Own

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