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By Christine Esposito, Associate Editor | March 13, 2017

Water brand forays into sun protection by capitalizing on scent and experience.

A big part of proper sun protection comes down compliance, and anything that makes consumers more likely to spray on UV protection is a bonus in that regard. A new name in the sun care space has developed a line of sprays by stealing a page from the playbook of its primary product—flavored water.
Hint, San Francisco, has rolled out a trio of oxybenzone- and paraben-free SPF30 sprays inthree natural fruit essences. That combination, according to founder and CEO Kara Goldin, makes for an enjoyable application experience without compromising protection.
While there’s a raft of differences between water and sunscreen, Hint considers its foray into the OTC cosmetics market as a natural evolution; it shook up the beverage industry by focusing on the consumer’s experience of a rather functional claims—and that’s the plan for sun care too.

“Hint’s core philosophy is about helping people enjoy a healthy lifestyle rather than just choosing products because they are coined healthy. In the beauty realm, sunscreen is the most important step in a healthy beauty routine and we developed our sunscreen to make it a pleasure to apply rather than a chore,” Goldin told Happi.
Goldin wanted a “sunscreen that felt great, smelled great and worked without oxybenzone and parabens. While there were a couple, not many, sunscreens without those two ingredients, there were none with real fruit essences like what we use with hint.”

Goldin is a proponent of increasing compliance by engaging the consumer’s sense of smell. Recognized by consumer media outlets for its unique spin on H20, with accolades such as Best Flavored Water from Health, Men’s Health, and Self magazines. For its sunscreen, Hint crafted grapefruit, pear and pineapple scents for the sun mists.

The formulations also contain kiwi, aloe vera juice, passion flower, karanja oil and raspberry.

According to Goldin, Hint developed its own formula and conducted a “very thorough search for a manufacturer who could deliver our sunscreens with respect for our healthy values.”  
After finding a co-packer, Hint received FDA approval in about 14 months.The brand’s plunge into the beauty business would have been easier had it decided on a product category that undergoes  less scrutiny. “…it would have been easier to enter the beauty world with something less regulated, but sunscreen fit our healthy DNA and was a true result of my personal experience,” said Goldin, who knows something about sunscreen; after all, she’s a redhead who grew up in Arizona!
Hint sunscreens debuted in afew San Francisco dermatology offices, and are available online at Goldin has high hopes for the SPF sprays.

As she told Happi just after last month's launch, “The response has been overwhelmingly positive! Surprisingly amazing given it is in the rainy season in San Francisco and sun seems like a far-away dream.  I am very pleased and excited for the coming months.” 

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