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It’s Magic!

By Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor | March 20, 2017

Argan oil-infused ‘Moroccan’ lip care brand jumps from WholeFoods into CVS.

Regarded around the globe for its extraordinary anti-aging and conditioning benefits, argan oil continues to be a leading component in beauty products. When incorporated into a lip balm formulation, the result is an effective treatment that’s absorbed quickly and moisturizes lips.
Boston-based impresario Kristina Tsipouras received a bottle of 100% argan oil from a friend who visited Morocco. She began using the oil on her lips and skin and couldn’t believe the nourishing results. She experimented with argan oil coupling it with different ingredients like vitamin A and E and assorted essential oils. After months of trial and error, Tsipouras discovered the ideal formulation for the ultimate argan oil lip balm and Moroccan Magic was born.
Now, nearly a year after officially launching the lip balm on MoroccanMagicBeauty.comand at regional Whole Foods Market locations, Moroccan Magic’s top-selling Peppermint Eucalyptus lip balm and new Coconut Almond lip balm are available at select CVS stores across the US and on Moroccan Magic retails for $3.99.
”As a self-funded entrepreneur, I find excitement in becoming an investigator,” Tsipouras told Happi. “From calling the company to searching LinkedIn for the buyers’ information, to guessing their email addresses based on their assistants’ email, I always figure how to get in touch with the right person.”
She also likes to put a individualized touch on Moroccan Magic’s outreach with a personalized note and extra samples to share with friends and family.
“If you book a meeting, chances are they are interested in bringing on your brand. It doesn't matter how beautiful my sales deck is, people want to do business with people that they like and trust. So most of the meeting is really about getting to know each other and the story and person behind the brand,” she said.
Packaged in a sleek black .15oz tube, the aesthetic of Moroccan Magic appeals to men and women alike. Manufactured in Iowa, Moroccan Magic is made with all-natural ingredients and is cruelty-free, gluten-free and USDA-certified.
 “If you’re eating organic, then you should be wearing organic products, and Moroccan Magic is a hydrating, all natural lip solution for the health- and beauty-conscious consumer,” she said.
For 2017, Moroccan Magic is looking to expand into the private label and wholesale category.
“We are just a year old, so we are excited to really launch our private label side of the business in the near future,” explained Tsipouras. “We found some great local sales reps and distributors who carry our products and sell from specialty stores and gift shops to ski mountains and resorts. Don't ever underestimate the little guys, they bring in half of our revenue!”
This year, Moroccan Magic will be attending the Indie Beauty Show in NY in August 2017. 
As for where the brand sources its special argan component—that is classified information, according to Tsipouras.
“It’s top secret! As we tried samples from over 100 suppliers, we found the pure cold pressed organic liquid to be magic, hence the name. That is why our customers call us ‘the smoothest lip balm in the world.’”