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Get Glowing

By Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor | April 10, 2017

Makeup and skin care expert shares the top trends for the season.

GloProfessional is known for its innovative mineral makeup and skin care products that improve texture and feel from the inside out. With gentle components merged with cutting-edge colors, the brand is popular with both makeup artists and consumers alike. Janeena Billera, Glo's senior makeup artist and educator based in Denver, CO, talks shop about what’s hot right now in beauty.
Happi: What qualities are shoppers looking for in beauty products and where do they go to find the latest products? 

JB: Shoppers now want more bang for their buck. This is where multi-use products and components come into play. For example, people are now looking for more color intense cream formulas that can be used on the eye, cheek and lip areas along with a multitude of foundation payoff levels that include sun protection, priming, and hydrating qualities. The foundation options are now endless, ranging from moisturizing and luminescent finishes to pore and line filling mattes. It is expected that every aspect of color should also include ingredients that are beneficial to the skin, as well as offer long-lasting wearability. This is dependent upon the product’s milling process as well as the inclusion of premium-grade ingredients. 

Shoppers are not only interested in how pretty or intense a color may appear but are becoming more aware of the quality and feel these formulas have on the skin. Both customizable and preassembled user-friendly palettes are easily accessible and provide the optimum solution for mid-day touchups and anyone pressed for time, or on the go. 

Shoppers are frequently looking to top beauty influencers for insight, including highly sought after beauty and lifestyle bloggers, professional makeup artists, beauty editors, estheticians, dermatologists and even celebrities. This sparks discussion on forums which can include a range of topics but commonly highlights the features and benefits of a specific product. 

Happi: What are the hottest trends right now in our industry and why? 

JB: It all starts with perfected skin. Priming options have progressed and are now customizable per skin type as well as specific wants and needs. Priming is now a key component of any makeup regimen whether someone is looking to prolong the wear of makeup, fill in fine lines and pores, balance color, mattify or add luminosity to the skin. Although using the right products is key, it’s all about the application process.
Here at Glō, priming is now personalized. Makeup artists know that priming, an often overlooked step, has a great impact on the look and wear of your makeup. Viewing the face in block segments allows you to zero in on the perfect primers for your skin’s specific needs to create customized complexion perfection.
Thankfully, a healthy glow is also on trend. Foundations are now being used as lightweight concealers and depending on the coverage level desired; concealers are now being used as highlighters, brighteners and all over foundation. Cream and powder bronzers are being used to add subtle dimension and natural warmth along hairlines and cheeks. 

Three unique color stories inspired by spring 2017 makeup trends are expressed in Glō’s Living Color Collection. Each Eye Shadow Quad and Cream Stay Shadow Stick offer the freedom and versatility to softly accent the eyes for day, then take the look to next level drama with ease for evening. No matter the eye statement you choose, a fresh glow to the skin and cheek is everything. The best way to achieve this is with a quality cream blush that blends seamlessly and gives the skin a lit-from-within look. Each color collection includes the perfect shade of Cream Blush to complement the mood and feel of the overall look. It’s important to note that Cream Blush is purely customizable and can be worn on eyes, cheeks, and lips for added vibrancy and longer color wear.
Spring lip trends are all over the map, from bold hues to barely there hints of color. The soft-toned lip shades in Glō’s three Spring Color Collections add a beautiful balance to each look. High-shine gloss with peachy-pink undertones in kits First Blush and Full Bloom add freshness; while the moody color palette in After Glow is accentuated with an earth-toned, satin lipstick. 

Happi: Are there any ingredients that are big right now in skin care and color cosmetics and why? 

JB: Promoting skin health is a key element to beauty. Just because a lipstick, shadow or blush might have intense built-in pigment, doesn’t mean it should be lacking in beneficial qualities for the skin. When it comes to creating our favorite products, knowing the ingredients used can help bring awareness to what we are actually applying onto our skin. Here at Glō, we provide mineral makeup that covers, corrects and protects the skin by adding a proprietary blend of vitamins A, C, E and green tea extract for nourishing environmental protection. Antioxidants are highly sought after in color cosmetics right now, vitamin E being one of the most popular and what many consider an antioxidant superstar. 

Kaolin clay is also another popular ingredient used in skin care, and is widely known for aiding in the absorption of sebum, drawing out impurities and toxins, and preventing clogged pores. It provides oil absorption benefits in mattifying primers, foundations and powder formulas. It helps prolong the wear of cheek and lip products, and provides smooth, even and flawless coverage. 

Happi: Can you predict any future trends for later in 2017 and beyond? 

JB: For makeup, it’s all about expressive eyes and flawless glowing skin for 2017 and will be for a while. An effortless and chic approach to makeup will be in. For skin, luxurious face oil mixed with luminous foundation helps to achieve this look. Although earth-toned neutral eyes are forever timeless, accenting them with pops of vibrant color is now a key to a trendsetting eye look. We are finding that there is a mental shift when it comes to covetable makeup looks; there is an attachment to accentuating one feature on the face, as opposed to all of them at once and in turn the look becomes a beautiful personal statement.