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April 24, 2017

Suppliers' Day is at the Javits Center, May 2 & 3. NYSCC Chair Marie Thadal explains the move.

The biggest and best cosmetic industry trade show in the US is getting bigger and better and on the move! The New York Chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists' Suppliers' Day will take place May 2 & 3, 2017 at its new location—The Jacob Javits Center in New York City. Happi recently caught up with NYSCC Chair Marie Thadal to discuss reasons behind the move and what attendees can expect at this year's show.

Happi: After nearly 40 years on the west side of the Hudson River, NYSCC Suppliers’ Day is moving to New York City. Why and why now?

Marie Thadal: Over the years, Suppliers’ Day has experienced tremendous growth and we simply outgrew The Expo Center in NJ. After in-depth discussions with many suppliers and attendees and conducting surveys, it was evident that we had to find a new home for the show. New York seemed to be the preferred location. The executive board took an additional step to research all venues in NJ, NY and PA that could comfortably house the NYSCC Suppliers’ Day and weighed all the pros and cons of each facility. The Jacob Javits Convention Center became the solid choice.

Happi: What does the Javits Convention Center offer attendees that can’t be found elsewhere?

Thadal: The Javits Center is conveniently located in New York City, the epicenter of beauty and fashion. It is surrounded by three major airports and is accessible by all modes of public and private transportation. In 2016, there were 415 exhibitors. Nearly 8000 attendees representing 38 countries walked the Suppliers’ Day show floor. Now, under one roof at the Javits Center, all exhibitors will be able to showcase their innovations in one contiguous exhibit hall. This will make it more efficient for attendees to experience all that Suppliers’ Day has to offer including specialty areas right on the exhibit floor. There are also additional rooms for pre-show education. Exhibitors can have private meetings at the Javits Center, without the hassle and time waste from going off-site.

Happi: What has been the response from exhibitors to the move? Will there be more booths than previous years?

Thadal: Exhibitors have been very supportive and even enthusiastic of the move to the Javits Center. The exhibit floor will be 10% larger with new international companies and show veterans with increased booth sizes. This year’s exhibit floor will be very dynamic and provide optimal sourcing, learning and networking for attendees.  

Happi: What is new at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day for 2017?

Thadal: Suppliers’ Day 2017 will be an experience that no cosmetic chemist, product development and marketing professional should miss. Besides the latest innovations from exhibitors in our biggest exhibit floor to date, participants will find other additional attractions at the show:

• Pre-Show National SCC courses: Becoming  a Cosmetic Chemist and  Cosmetic Formulations;       
• A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with past NYSCC chairs, War Paint Broadway Show performers and special guests to open the show and commemorate our move to New York City;
• Innovations Alley: presenting never before seen ingredients, solutions and technology to ignite new product ideas;
• French Pavilion: produced by Business France and housing 13 suppliers of the finest ingredients and materials from this country that is constantly innovating;
• Future Chemists Workshop: supporting STEM and upcoming chemists as they challenge themselves in creating new formulations – many with a sustainability;
• The Digital Age of Beauty: features presentations on key strategies and innovations that are driving product development and speed to market;
• Discover Sustainability @ Suppliers’ Day 2017: taking place right on the show-floor presentation theater on May 3rd this presentation will feature short educational sessions from top experts and suppliers on global sustainability initiatives and what’s new in natural, green and sustainable cosmetic developments; and
• NYSCC Awards Night Party: celebrating the move to New York, the sustainability achievements of our exhibitors and attendees, as well as member benefits of the SCC.

Happi: What excites you and the committee the most about Suppliers’ Day 2017?

Thadal: It is amazing that we have a wonderful group of volunteers that are so dedicated to the advancement of cosmetic science. The excitement is infectious and we are enthusiastically looking forward to experiencing the vision for the 2017 show. On May 2nd and 3rd all roads will lead to the Javits Center.

Happi: This is a big change for the Chapter? How did you get through it?

Thadal: I would like to thank the executive board for all their hard work in establishing a strategic long term plan for the NYSCC’s flagship global event. First step was, to differentiate ourselves and communicate across the team who we are and what we are not. This took all members’ participation and full engagement to achieve. Board members and the Suppliers’ Day committee generously give their time and skills for this huge undertaking. Finally, our support team, The National SCC, the other 18 SCC chapters, our show management, industry associations, media partners and exhibitors deserve our sincere gratitude. Everyone’s commitment is what made this a sustainable and exciting journey.

Happi: Is the move to NYC a one-time event? Or is there a commitment to Javits going forward? Do you have dates for 2018?

Thadal: We absolutely plan to stay at the Javits Center for future events. The 2018 NYSCC Suppliers’ Day will take place the second week of May on the 15 & 16th.

Happi: Finally, Suppliers’ Day is just a week away. What tips can you offer to new attendees and seasoned veterans who may be making their first trip to the Javits Center for a trade show?

Thadal: Be ready for an amazing time in New York City. Come ready to learn from our suppliers and presenters. Stay informed, visit the NYSCC suppliers’ day website for travel information including shuttle services in New York and New Jersey. Pick up a Show Guide and read about all that Suppliers’ Day has to offer. We also encourage everyone to reach out with any questions and we look forward to welcoming everyone to Suppliers’ Day 2017.