Coast to Coast

By Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor | March 10, 2014

Australian skin care brand hits stateside at Ulta stores this month.

VIP Tour

Nick Chadwick, co-founder and managing director, gave Happi a private tour of the products at a media event in New York last month. He began his career at L’Oréal in sales and marketing and aided in the launch of its first skin care brand in Australia named Plenitude.

Now Hitting Stateside

While inspired by the Australian landscapes on a road trip through the continent with his wife Nicole Chadwick in 2007, Nick developed the concept of creating an all-natural skin care brand derived from purely Australian-based ingredients. Within a year, the two were able to bring their idea from concept to shelf by 2008.

Luxurious Demo

Lynne Meaney is Nick Chadwick’s trusted business partner of 20 years. After stints at both Shiseido and L’Oréal, she co-founded Red Earth Cosmetics in the early 1990s, a business that grew to open more than 70 retail stores throughout Australia. Chadwick and Meaney have since embarked on various business ventures.

Tried and True

Nicole Chadwick is the co-founder and creative director for Coast to Coast Australia. She manages Coast to Coast’s storefront having worked behind the counter since its inception. She has grown to love the retail aspect of the business and strives for customer satisfaction and positive feedback on the brand.

The latest natural skin care brand to hit the market this month is Australian company Coast to Coast. Rolling out at Ulta stores, the company sources ingredients from three distinct Australian locations: Rainforest, Coastal and Outback. Each unique ingredient offers natural, healing properties for various skin types, said the company. Exotic components include bilberries, pepperberries, lilly pilly marshmallow and forest peppermint.
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