April 3, 2017

Famed photographer Testino creates global campaign for Dove.

Mobile Magic

Some of the young women featured have benefitted from education delivered through the Dove Self-Esteem Project, a program created to help girls develop a positive relationship with their self-images. At the event, guests participated in the pledge via interactive display.

Special Guests

Pictured is Testino with Sophie Galvani, global brand vice president, Dove masterbrand at Unilever. “Mario goes deeper than the surface in his work,” she said in a presentation.

Master Of His Craft

Testino has been featured internationally in fashion magazines and has also created images for brands such as Estée Lauder and Lancôme. He worked closely with the Dove team on this project.

Best Face Forward

Each woman and girl in the campaign collaborated directly with Testino to have a say in how to bring out their authentic beauty—as seen here with Megan, a beauty blogger from the UK. “Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes and that’s what we have to remember,” she said.

Leaders of the Future

The Dove #RealBeauty pledge reaches out to all ages like Danya and Maria, students from Mexico who completed the Dove Self Esteem workshop at school.

Unilever presented its Dove #RealBeauty Pledge—a recommitment to its mission to help women realize their personal beauty potential—at a global press event at Affirmation Arts in New York City. Each image in the gallery show was photographed by renowned fashion photographer Mario Testino. The collection features 32 real women and girls (ages 11-71) from over 15 countries, each with her own unique and inspiring beauty story.