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Rhodiasolv Infinity Ideal For II Formulations

October 1, 2010

Rhodiasolv Infinity Ideal For I&I Formulations

Rhodiasolv Infinity Ideal For I&I Formulations

A new, non-VOC1 biodegradable ingredient from Rhodia enables industrial and institutional cleaning formulators to develop high-performance, water-based cleaners with an improved environmental and safety profile, according to the company.

Commercially available worldwide, Rhodia’s new Rhodiasolv Infinity is an eco-friendly microemulsion based on biodegradable ingredients. Beyond its more sustainable environmental profile, it also boosts cleaning products’ performance while enhancing customers’ production economies, according to Rhodia.

Rhodiasolv Infinity gives formulators the flexibility to reduce or eliminate traditional VOC solvents and design sustainable cleaning products. It is infinitely dilutable in both hard and soft water, remaining clear, stable and effective without special equipment, pre-mixing or periodic mixing. Rhodiasolv Infinity offers other benefits, such as high performance at neutral pH, strong cutting power and good drying speed.
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Juvinity Fights Signs of Aging
Sederma’s team has developed a new ingredient, Juvinity, to visibly fight signs of aging due to cell senescence.

Based on a complex lipid derived from a key molecule in the cell functionality, it constitutes a new cell protection strategy in order to delay both nucleus and metabolic senescence, according to the company.

It smoothes the wrinkles, restructures and re-densifies the skin.
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Anti-Cellulite Product By Provital
Provital Group presents Provislim, a new concept in active ingredients for anti-cellulite. The combination of two active components from botanical sources, Frambinone (from Pimpinella anisum) and Fisetin (from Buxus sinica), work together to reduce the underlying factors and appearance of cellulite, according to the company.

It has been demonstrated by in vitro testing that Provislim activates lipolysis during rest, exercise or other induced conditions, while inhibiting lipogenesis after eating and inhibiting adipogenesis through different mechanisms. The appearance of the typical“orange peel” condition was also minimized.
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The Latest Carbomer From Evonik
Carbomers are widely used in the personal care industry as rheology modifiers and suspending agents to stabilize and thicken formulations including gels, emulsions or surfactant based applications.

While the standard carbomer types are available as powders, Evonik Goldschmidt Personal Care has launched a new granulated carbomer.

Tego Carbomer 140 G (INCI: carbomer) is an excellent viscosity adjuster, viscosity builder and emulsion stabilizer, according to the company. It is soluble in both water and alcohol and can be used over a wide pH range.

Tego Carbomer 140 G is especially suitable for the preparation of clear water or alcohol-based gels, for the preparation and stabilization of creams, lotions and suspensions and is recommended for the manufacturing of high viscous emulsions.
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Dr. Straetmans Debuts Organic Emulsifier
German firm Dr. Straetmans GmbH has received certification from Ecocert Greenlife for a natural emulsifier fully sourced from organic starting material, according to the company.

Organic Glyceryl Stearate SE is marketed under the brand name Dermorganics GMS-SE. Glyceryl Stearate SE is a common, naturally sourced emulsifier widely used for manufacturing of cosmetics. Since it is available as a natural ingredient, Glyceryl Stearate SE is very often found in certified natural cosmetics.

Dermorganics GMS-SE is produced in a fully certified process and carries the same specifications as the non-organic benchmark products in the market.
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Thermostressine Delivers Vitality to Skin
Thermostressine, the new “Molecular Solution” presented by Lipotec, aims to bring vitality back to weathered skin, according to the company.

Thermostressine provides a protective shield to skin, giving cells the ability to resist and prevent further aggressions, specially recommended to treat fragile, tired and dull skin, said Lipotec.
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New Collagen Matrix Protecting Agent
Agetect is a new novel ingredientmade from seeds of Longan, a fruit found in Southeast Asia and Central America.The ingredient is manufactured by Katakura Chikkarin, a Japanese company, and represented in North America by Independent Chemical Corporation.

According to the company, the enzymes most active in the matrix, the metalloproteases or MMPs, are most affected by aging. The balance between the MMPs, such as matrix collagenase, elastase, geratinase, hyaluronidase and others and their inhibitors is disrupted.

In addition, photoaging due to the effect of ultraviolet radiation produces characteristic changes in extracellular matrices, such as a decrease in collagen and a hardening of elastin. Biological changes in extracellular matrix components observed in photoaging are induced by Reactive Oxygen Species, which stimulate MMP enzyme activity resulting in a decrease of the extracellular matrix. This leads to modification of the mechanical properties of the skin and significantly contributes to wrinkle formation.

Agetect has proven collagenase and hyaluronidase inhibition activity. As Agetect controls MMP activity, it is suggested that Agetect provides a great benefit when used in cosmetic products such as anti-wrinkle agents.
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Rahn Rolls Out Reforcyl
Rahn has introduced its new active ingredient, Reforcyl, which provides nutrition and resistance to the perturbed barrier of mature skin, according to the company. It is also approved by Ecocert.

The plant, Gynostemma pentaphyllum from Asia, activates LXR and stimulates the synthesis of epidermal lipids; the skin barrier is restored from within.The Western plant Cistus incanus strengthens the reduced antioxidative defense system found in mature skin. The amino acid Glutamin acts as metabolic fuel and re-activates the decelerated metabolism of aging skin cells.

Reforcyl is suitable for any kind of anti-aging product. It is water-soluble and can be easily incorporated into cosmetic formulations such as gels and emulsions, according to Rahn.
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ISP’s Natriance Bioelements Advance Skin Care For the Masses
Advanced skin care technology has never come easily or inexpensively, but with ISP’s new Natriance line of skin care ingredients, consumers everywhere can effortlessly get younger-looking and more pampered skin without hurting their pocketbooks, according to the company. These patent-pending bioelements derived from natural sources can be formulated into a variety of creams, lotions, serums and other products for the mass market, helping this segment deliver a new level of performance and excitement to consumers.

Developed by ISP’s dedicated personal care research lab, the Natriance range includes three unique ingredients so far, with additional introductions expected later on. Natriance Hydrator, Destresser and Brightener deliver these novel benefits in the most cost-effective way.

Additionally, Natriance users can reap the benefits of better moisturization, added UV protection, preserving properties and brightening capability.
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New Lubrizol Polymer For High Clarity Cleansers
The Lubrizol Corporation’s Noveon Consumer Specialties released Carbopol Aqua SF-2 polymer (INCI Proposed: Acrylates Crosspolymer-X), Lubrizol’s next generation of premier rheology modifiers for cleansing formulations.

Now formulators can achieve brilliant shelf appeal with this new rheology modifier designed for high clarity surfactant cleansing formulations at low pH (range 4-6) while also providing elegant flow control, viscosity build and suspension of eye-catching insoluble ingredients, according to the company.

Display colorful beads, sparkling pearls and exfoliating scrubs while also achieving claims of “paraben-free,” “formaldehyde-free,” “preservative-free” and even “skin neutral pH.”

Carbopol Aqua SF-2 polymer delivers high clarity, viscosity and suspension performance in a wide variety of personal care formulations.
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Univar and PCCA Present A Natural Solution To Preservation
Univar will be the exclusive distributor for PCCA’s NataPres, an all-natural, odor-free ingredient that provides effective natural preservation in personal care applications, said the company.

NataPres was developed for paraben-free and formaldehyde-free preservation with effectiveness in a broad pH range.It provides predominantly a spectrum of activity against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. In formulations tested, NataPres demonstrated activity against fungi and yeast when used at typical levels.

Gus Bassani,vice presidentconsulting, R&D and formulations for PCCA, remarked, “PCCA is pleased to partner with and designate Univar as the exclusive distributor for NataPres, a unique, patent-pending, natural blend with preservative properties for the personal care industry. He added, “PCCA believes Univar’s personal care team has the technical expertise, global presence and strong customer formulation support necessary to effectively deliver this sought-after product worldwide.”
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Lady Burd Cosmetics Presents New Products
This season, Lady Burd Exclusive Private Label Cosmetics debuted a variety of new products. The Mineral Display offers the most elegant way to display your entire mineral cosmetics line, according to the company.It can be personalized with your company name.

The Eye & Lip Wrinkle Smoother is a rich cream infused with absorbable calcium to help improve the appearance of aging skin. Haloxyl will help reduce the appearance of dark circles.Fillers instantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The Lip Mattifier is anon-drying formula that will instantly turn any crème or pearl lipstick into a soft and smooth matte formulation, according to the company.

For more than 45 years, Lady Burd has been creating cosmetics for companies around the world. A private label manufacturer based in Long Island, NY, it has showrooms across the U.S.
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