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Collagen is Key in Silabs Latest Anti-Aging Rollout

November 5, 2010

Collagen is Key in Silab’s Latest Anti-Aging Rollout

Collagen is Key in Silab’s Latest Anti-Aging Rollout

As part of Silab’s range, Pro-Coll-One is the benchmark ingredient in collagen I synthesis, according to the company. This new natural active was demonstrated by in-vitro and in-vivo studies to be helpful in cosmetic skin care formulations.

The high-performance ingredient provides targeted and absolute effectiveness to skin care woes. It is validated in-vivo in comparison with benchmark pharmacological molecules (Retinol, synthetic peptides, caffeine, etc.) and is ideal for anti-aging products.
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Kelisoft Leads The Way at Sederma
Sederma recently debuted a variety of new ingredients, including Kelisoft, a new hair minimizer that reduces stubble and softens skin under the arms.

Kelisoft slows down hair growth while refining its diameter, according to the company. The hair is thus less visible and the need to shave as often is reduced. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, Kelisoft also provides an immediate soothing sensation after hair removal. It contains a purified natural plant molecule, which regulates the production of inflammatory mediators.
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Keratrix New for Hair Care
New from Provital is Keratrix, a multi-functional active blend for hair treatment. It contains peptides and free amino acids obtained through selective hydrolysis of the protein portion of carob tree seeds incorporated in a controlled release cationic system called Matrix Plus.

According to the company, this three-dimensional matrix of amylopectin, a cationic derivative of guar gum and polyquaternium-7, allows for strong adherence to the hair fiber with sequential release of the actives. It is ideal for conditioners and styling products where treatment is desired.
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Water-Based Formulations For Multiple Styling Products
DynamX H2O, an innovative water-based polymer recently introduced globally by AkzoNobel Global Personal Care, has been heralded for enabling formulators to combine excellent, long-lasting hold and humidity resistance with flexible, movable, natural motion in styling products, according to the company.

And now a package of formulations and technical information created by the business group’s technical service team brings to life the great versatility and high performance made possible by DynamX H2O polymer through its unique urethane-acrylic technology in a wide array of styling product forms. These include gels, mousses, creams, waxes, pomades and spritz products.

All these formulations—plus much more—are contained on a microsite created by AkzoNobel Global Personal Care.
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Rahn Cosmetic Actives Protect Epidermal Stem Cells
Stem cells are the fountain of youth for skin. Epidermal stem cells are the key cells that initiate tissue regeneration and play a fundamental role in rejuvenation. They are responsible for the maintenance of homeostasis after the skin is stressed or damaged. Thus, damage of stem cells is a predominant factor that leads to accelerated skin aging.

Rahn has screened two cosmetic actives, Defensil and Celligent, for their stem cell protecting properties and has observed impressive results for both, according to the company.

Defensil is an optimized system for physical and biochemical protection, which normalizes sensitive skin types due to its excellent inflammation inhibitory efficacy. Treatment with this ingredient leads to remarkable effects on stem cells following damage by UV-irradiation.

Celligent is both a preventative and an active cell and DNA protector. The active ingredient complex has been specially developed for treating UV-stressed skin.
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Natural Deodorizing Active Now Certified Natural
DeoPlex Clear has been certified by the Natural Products Association. The manufacturer, Carrubba Inc., is a Milford, CT manufacturer of custom fragrances, flavors and botanical extracts.

According to the company, this deodorant ingredient has an effective odor neutralization based on innovative fermentation technology. It is environmentally friendly, and has a wide spectrum of odor reduction affectivity and is also available in a certified organic version.

DeoPlex is used in applications such as underarm deodorant, baby care, foot care, feminine hygiene, household products, liquid and bar soaps, pet care products, cosmetic base odor neutralization and depilatories.
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