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Rahn Rolls Out Silhouette Refiner

March 11, 2011

Rahn Rolls Out Silhouette Refiner

Rahn Rolls OutSilhouette Refiner

• Rahn debuted its new active ingredient, Slimexir, The Silhouette-Refiner, which is said to effectively refine the silhouette while fighting excessive fat. According to the company, its well-designed composition consists of X-Melt, a synergistic blend of methyl xanthines; extract of artichoke (cynara scolymus) and a polysaccharide, levan. X-Melt prevents the uptake of fat into the adipocytes (fat-storing cells) by reducing their rate of maturation.

In addition, each of Slimexir‘s components activates lipolysis, which triggers the fragmentation and decomposition of the existing fat.

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Vitalayer Is New at Silab

• Following the launch of its performance ingredients, Silab is now offering, as part of its actives range, a multifunctional active ingredient. A natural active, Vitalayer guarantees skin homeostasis and ensures vital efficiency in various compartments, according to the company. Capable of regulating various biological pathways, it provides multiple solutions for imbalances in the skin.

Obtained from the Common Vervain plant, Vitalayer ensures cell homeostasis by maintaining the metabolism of epidermal and dermal cells at an optimum level, according to Silab.

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Sederma’s Latest RolloutIdeal for Brightening Skin

• Sederma offers a new solution to reduce irregularities in pigmentation or to brighten the complexion. Based on a botanical, Wonderlight acts on both melanocytes and their associated keratinocytes to reduce pigmentation disorders. It reduces the Epidermal Melanin Unit cross-talking and blocks the signaling pathways involved in the melanin synthesis. Wonderlight exhibits a stronger effect on hyper-pigmented areas and equalizes skin pigmentation in order to make them less visible.

The ability of Wonderlight to inhibit the UV inducted secretion of GM-CSF (important melanocyte stimulator) was demonstrated in vitro. The concept was validated on living human skin cultures (phototype III) in which the UVAB induced 2-fold increase in the number of melanocytes was totally inhibited in the presence of Wonderlight. Wonderlight is preservative free and is approved for use in Japan.

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ISP Performance ChemicalsTo Support Cleaning Industry

• ISP Performance Chemicals will direct technical service programs toward cleaning product makers dedicated to the formulation of trend-forward products. The company has commercialized a number of polymer-based technologies to better support manufacturers working on products that simplify cleaning and lend substance to novel cleaning benefits, according to ISP.

Polymer technologies, such as Sorez HS 205, may be incorporated in a range of household cleaners to assure cleaning in less time and with less energy—two major requirements for today’s on-the-go consumers. A new combination of polymers from ISP, Gantrez S-97 BF polymer with Easy-Wet 20 proprietary surfactant blend, lends cleaning performance to glass cleaner with anti-fog properties—in an environmentally-friendly formulation.

A third novel technology now available from ISP, called Jaypol HN 44, is designed to enhance primary and secondary detergency and may be used to “super charge” cleaning attributes of laundry detergents.

All three ISP technologies are made commercially viable in support of forward-thinking cleaning product companies focused on consumer needs.

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BASF Launches Skin Relaxer

• BASF Beauty Care Solutions recently launched D-Stria, a skin relaxer. According to the company, after years of research, BASF researchers were able to identify a cosmetic ingredient capable of reducing the contraction of quiescent striae-derived myofibroblasts, thereby making them functional again, and promoting collagen and elastin synthesis at the stretch mark site.

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Rhodiasolv Infinity Reduces Costs in CleaningFormulations

• Global specialty chemicals producer Rhodia is promoting the use of Rhodiasolv Infinity as an ingredient that delivers cost reductions in d-limonene-based cleaning products without compromising performance, while enhancing the products’ sustainability profiles.

Rhodiasolv Infinity is an innovative non-VOC3 ingredient targeted at industrial and institutional markets. It is a microemulsion concentrate based on eco-friendly and biodegradable ingredients that enables formulators to develop high performance cleaners with an improved safety profile.

“Incorporating Rhodiasolv Infinity into d-limonene-based cleaners results in products that not only deliver cost reduction, but also an improved sustainability profile—all without sacrificing functional performance,” said John Foley, vice president, Rhodia Novecare, Industrial and Coatings. “With technology like Rhodiasolv Infinity, we are offering formulators a new generation of high performing sustainable cleaning products at an attractive price point.”

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