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Naturex Launches New Active for Rejuvenation

May 3, 2011

Naturex Launches New Active for Rejuvenation

Naturex Launches New Active for Rejuvenation

• Naturex rolled out a new Dragon’s blood extract, an innovative revitalizing active. According to the company, it promotes and protects the skin due to its antioxidant activity, by improving each skin layer. Dragon’s blood contains a broad range of naturally occurring compounds, many of which have been well studied. Due to these compounds, Dragon’s blood sap helps to protect the cells of the skin and regenerate the whole tissue. Dragon’s blood extract contains taspine, which stimulates the early phase of the wound healing process, by stimulation of the fibroblasts.

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Lubrizol DebutsCassia-Derived CationicPolymers for Hair Care

• Many consumers seek hair care products that claim the use of natural or naturally derived ingredients to make hair look and feel healthy. Demographic changes in age, ethnicity and affluence as well as the increasing use of hair color, styling products and shampoos have presented formulators with the challenge of developing hair care products capable of delivering enhanced conditioning to a diverse range of hair types.

As a result, Lubrizol Corporation’s Noveon Consumer Specialties released its new Sensomer CT polymers (INCI: Cassia hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride). Derived from the Ayurvedic plant, cassia, it is said to offer improved deposition as well as enhanced conditioning in hair cleansing formulations, according to the company.

Designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of hair types, Sensomer CT polymers are more efficient silicone deposition aids than traditional cationic conditioningpolymers. This enables the use of lower levels of silicone and cationic polymer to deliver equivalent or better overall conditioning performance, according to the company.

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Rovi Cosmetics LaunchesSkin Care Actives

• Last year, consumer research identified two major trends for 2011: new naturals and dermocosmetics. As a result, Rovi Cosmetics is launching two new actives targeting skin issues such as hyperpigmentation and impure skin.

UniTone is an innovative active complex featuring the Ineocell delivery technology. It is proven to inhibit the tyrosinase activity. Furthermore, it reduces the skin‘s intracellular and extracellular melanin content, according to the company.

Herbapurifine, an Ecocert compliant active against impure skin, is proven to inhibit pro-inflammatory proteins and to effectively inhibit propionibacterium acne, according to the company. It also reduces skin efflorescences (comedones, papels and pustules) while relieving itchiness and leaving a soft skin feel. The gentle active that unites the powerful properties of special plant extracts; i.e., Bu Gu Zhi (well-established in the traditional Chinese medicine), magnolia and willow bark, is ideally suited for impure skin in adults.

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ISP Confirms Sorez Polymers As Ecolabel CompliantIn Cleaning Products

• Sorez polymers from ISP have been declared Ecolabel compliant within the European Union (EU) and may now be included in select cleaning products form- ulated for high performance and environmental quality, according to the company. The EU Ecolabel is the premier award backed by all EU governments for products and services that meet the highest environmental standards.

ISP’s Sorez HS 100 polymer was certified in accordance with the Criteria on Substances and Ingredients outlined by The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and may be used in laundry detergents by companies wishing to claim the European Union Ecolabel. Readily biodegradable, Sorez 100 may also be included in laundry detergents formulated for sustainability.

ISP’s Sorez HS 205 polymer, based on vinyl pyrrolidone, was declared Ecolabel compliant in all-purpose cleaners and cleaners of sanitary facilities. These polymers represent the first in a series of technologies ISP plans to certify for manufacturers focused on environmentally friendly formulations.

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Hydrolite 6 from SymriseIdeal for Kids’ Formulations

• At the end of 2010, the Danish government announced its plan to ban parabens in cosmetic products for children under the age of three. Hydrolite 6 from Symrise offers an alternative to manufacturers of skin care products for children.

According to the company, Hydrolite 6 boosts the preservative efficacy of mild organic acids such as potassium sorbate and dehydroacetate, making the use of parabens unnecessary.

Hydrolite 6 is also proven to increase skin’s moisture content, according to Symrise. Nearly odorless and colorless, it is suitable for most cosmetic systems.

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AMP-Ultra PC Amino Alcohol New from ANGUS

• ANGUS Chemical Company has developed new application testing that clearly demonstrates the unmatched performance benefits of AMP-Ultra PC amino alcohol in a range of hair styling formulations, according to the company.

As the “global industry standard neutralizer” for hair styling products, it brings unique performance benefits to a range of hair styling attributes, such as high humidity curl retention and product stability, according to the company.

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Phytosan K Useful in Anti-Aging Products

• CLR’s Phytosan K is said to boost collagen production, leading to firming and anti-wrinkle activity, according to the company. It also potentially supports the stabilization of a protein called p53, which has a factor in pigmentation.

It is able to reverse the aging process in skin and slowdown the aging process, especially aging caused by UV light.

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Get Direct AccessAt Sederma Direct

• Sederma has rolled out its new customer extranet. This customer service portal provides Sederma’s customers with the ability to access and download more detailed information and documentation about the entire product range, according to the company.

“By registering, our customers can enjoy all the benefits of 24/7 access to premium content not available on the website. Their direct access to our extranet will ensure they stay connected to Sederma’s catalogue and news,” said Olga Gracioso, Sederma’s marketing and communication manager.

Sederma’s extranet complements the existing Croda Personal Care (including Crodarom) site, all with the aim of creating a one-stop-shop to make life easier for customers looking for product details. The development of the extranet was also the opportunity to re-design Sederma’s website in order to offer even more information to all visitors.

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Expertise in Mint LeadsTo 25-30% Cost Saving Mint Oil

• A.M. Todd debuted a new formulation that has led to significant savings potential for its key clients, according to the company.

North American Peppermint Oil Natural, developed by A.M. Todd from 100% North American peppermint oils, provides a 25-30% cost savings below current and forecasted mint market prices, according to the company.

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