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Unique Hair Care Ingredients at Unipex

July 7, 2011

Unique Hair Care Ingredients at Unipex

Unique Hair Care Ingredients at Unipex

Unipex recently launched two active ingredients that target the restoration of pigmentation in gray hair and stimulate hair regrowth, reversing the hair loss process and hair thinning.

Capixyl is an innovative and unique active complex designed to prevent and stop the hair loss process and stimulate hair growth. Capixyl is a biomimetic peptide combined with a red clover extract. It has a direct action on DHT preventing the hair cycle to shorten and hair follicle miniaturization, improving the ECM proteins for better anchoring and promoting an increase of follicle size. Capixyl is said to stimulate hair growth with higher activity than the reference hair growth agent, minoxidil, according to the company.

Melitane is a biomimetic peptide derived from alpha-MSH. Melitane stimulates melanin synthesis and decreases the number of white and low-pigmented hair and increases the number of moderate and highly pigmented cells on hair bulb.
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Gransolve DMI from Grant
Grant Industries, Inc. launched Gransolve DMI, a highly pure, low odor version of dimethyl isosorbide. This solvent is sustainably derived from renewable corn sugar and is easily formulated to stabilize and deliver active ingredients into the skin for outstanding efficacy and performance attributes. It is available for use in personal care, sun care and topical pharmaceutical applications (FDA approved up to 15% in topical OTC preparations).

Gransolve DMI is a nonionic solvent and remains stable over most pH ranges found in cosmetics, while maintaining formula liquidity by retarding crystal growth of otherwise insoluble materials. The solvent polarity is well matched to the epidermis and boosts the penetration of actives into the upper layers of the skin. Gransolve DMI is an ideal ingredient for use in elegant hair, skin and sun care products especially in anti-acne and self-tanning products.

For this unique product alone, Grant selected Univar USA to play a primary role in promoting sales of Gransolve DMI.
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Sinerga Delivers Anti-Aging Advancements
Sinerga has presented an innovative ingredient in the field of anti-aging agents: ATP 23 (INCI name: Azeloyl tetrapetide-23). According to the company, this new advanced pro-age peptide slows down oxidative damage, inhibits the glycation of dermalproteins and consequently the skin aging processes.

Due to its structure, ATP 23 is said to prevent skin lipid peroxidation, protecting cellular membrane from scavenger attack. It is constituted by a lipophilic carrier to enhance antioxidant activity of the peptide itself, intended to inhibit AGEs (Advanced Glycation End products) of dermal proteins and to renew skin cells.

ATP 23 is a second-generation active ingredient with high level cosmetic effects to slow down trends of skin aging. It is recommended for mature skin in order to prevent expression wrinkles and to regenerate the skin barrier.
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Silicone Antifoam for ADDs Available from Dow Corning
A breakthrough in antifoam technology from Dow Corning allows automatic dishwashing detergents (ADDs) to be formulated with surfactants that improve cleaning performance, according to the company. The new technology may also help lower energy consumption, according to Dow Corning.

Dow Corning GP 4503 Powdered Antifoam enables formulation of detergents with foaming surfactants known for their excellent cleaning, but which could not be used in automatic dishwashing applications. Under current operating conditions, the surfactants produce significant amounts of foam, which can impact the efficiency of the cleaning mechanism.

It is formulated with a water-soluble carrier to limit residue on dishes and dishwasher parts. It was developed to perform in extreme conditions, especially under high pH and high agitation, which typically generate excessive foam. The new silicone antifoam provides effective foam control throughout the entire dishwashing cycle with no noticeable buildup on dishes.

The silicone antifoam is easy to incorporate into detergent tablets and powders. Free-flowing, noncaking white granules simplify mixing, and they do not collect in the matrix of the detergent structure.
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Baycusan C Range Thinks Green
The Baycusan C product line satisfies the key requirements that the cosmetics industry places on “green” raw materials, according to Bayer MaterialScience. These ultrapure synthetic polyurethane dispersions, developed by Bayer MaterialScience specifically for the cosmetics industry, are based on water and contain neither preservatives nor co-solvents. As a result, the raw materials give cosmetic companies freedom to design their products as they see fit and to preserve them in line with the appropriate statutory requirements.

The Baycusan C range includes a polyurea powder as a sensory additive and four solvent-free polyurethane dispersions with film-forming and conditioning properties. These raw materials can be beneficial for skin care products, decorative cosmetics, sun care and styling products.
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