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New Novemer EC-2 Polymer from Lubrizol

November 10, 2011

New Novemer EC-2 Polymer from Lubrizol

New Novemer EC-2 Polymer from Lubrizol

The Lubrizol Corporation’s Noveon Consumer Specialties released its new Novemer EC-2 polymer. The multifunctional, easy-to-use, pre-neutralized liquid polymer is designed to thicken, emulsify, co-emulsify, stabilize and suspend a variety of oil phase components in even the most challenging skin care formulations, according to the company. Offering unique sensory properties and strong electrolyte tolerance, it enables the formulation of smooth and elegant emulsions with a single polymer.

Highly versatile, Novemer EC-2 polymer offers unmatched viscosity building and unsurpassed yield value across a range of use levels, making it ideal for finished formulations ranging from low viscosity lotions to high viscosity creams. Due to its liquid form, Novemer EC-2 polymer can be used in hot or cold processing and may be added to the manufacturing process at any time for final viscosity adjustments.
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DSM’s Argan Oil Is Ecocert And Natrue Certified
DSM Nutritional Products’ 100% pure Argan oil is now certified to the highest organic certification standards by both Ecocert and Natrue. The double organic certification represents the highest possible standards through the entire production chain.

Pure DSM Argan Oil possesses a high concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants and squalene. It therefore provides a nourishing, regenerating and protecting effect on the skin, helping to maintain the skin’s youth asset. It helps to replenish and restore skin’s barrier, leaving a non-greasy, smooth and moisturized skin. It has excellent emollient properties, providing a smooth skin feel and improving the skin’s complexion, according to the company.

“With its exceptional balance of precious lipids and antioxidants, argan oil is the ideal active ingredient for skin care formulas with a nourishing and anti-aging effect,” noted Marie-Sophie Meisinger, DSM Nutritional Products’ global marketing manager, skin care.

DSM Argan Oil is also a natural shine enhancer for the hair, and boosts shine at affordable concentrations when compared with leading market formulations. It offers flawless light reflection and delivers extra shine without leaving the hair greasy. Its natural balance of polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants helps maintain healthy-looking hair, making it particularly suitable for stressed and mature hair.

Produced fully in accordance with organic and Fair Trade principles, DSM Argan oil is derived from Argania spinosa, a tree native to southwest Morocco. It is highly suitable for state-of-the-art natural and organic formulations thanks to its specifically gentle cold-pressing process followed by a non-chemical deodorization. It has been recognized for centuries by the Berbers as the “Tree of Life.”
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Seal the Cuticle With Keracyn
Throughout the day, the hair is exposed to many external aggressions. These stressors can disrupt the cuticle, which forms a protective coating, causing damage to the inner proteins and lipids leading to dull compromised hair.

Keracyn, new from Provital, is an active obtained from the leaves of artichoke that is rich in hydroxycinnamic derivatives, which are known to have antioxidant properties. It helps to prevent the opening of cuticle scales and preserves the integrity and health of the hair fiber. It can be added easily to various hair care products, according to the company.
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Soliance Debuts Renewable Squalane
Squalane is one of the best emollients on the market in terms of stability and moisturizing properties. However, formulators have avoided using the material due to availability issues. Indeed, squalane is mainly sourced from highly controversial shark liver or olive oil, which, due to its interdependence with food oil, is subject to price variability and limited availability.

Soliance has partnered with Amyris, a US company with a strong biotechnology expertise, to develop Renewable Squalane: an alternative solution that delivers a stable, Ecocert-approved and reliable source of squalane for the cosmetics industry, according to the company. Blind-test results have shown that there is no significant difference between olive squalane and Renewable Squalane. It is also easily absorbed by the skin and leaves a non-greasy silky touch.

With good emollient and hydration properties, Renewable Squalane is the reliable, Ecocert and sustainable alternative for cosmetic formulas.
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Croda Launches Solaveil XT-40W
With the new FDA rules on sunscreen labeling and effectiveness testing released and scheduled for implementation in 2012, broad-spectrum protection is even more important to ensure compliance with the new monograph in which UVA and UVB protection is essential.

Croda offers the Solaveil SpeXtra products, a range of broad-spectrum UV absorbers that provide this protection along with great skin feel, according to the company.Products in the Solaveil SpeXtra line can be used as sole UV absorbers in sunscreen products, eliminating the need for complex combinations of filters to achieve broad-spectrum UV protection.

Croda’s newest solution for broad-spectrum protection, as part of the Solaveil SpeXtra line, is Solaveil XT-40W. This water based system allows the freedom to formulate light feeling and highly spreadable O/W emulsions with broad-spectrum protection, achieving a critical wavelength of ~380nm, which is well in excess of the 370nm required for UVA protection claims. Solaveil XT-40W contains hydrophobically coated power that offers inherent water resistance, another important element of the new FDA monograph. Solaveil XT-40W is also Ecocert approved so natural formulations compliant with Ecocert standards can be attained.
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Avenacare Ideal for Hair, Skin and Body Care
The Avenacare personal care range of ingredients is natural, active and entirely derived from oats. The ingredients, manufactured by Biovelop AB in Sweden in a chemical-free process, are ideal for skin, hair and body care products.
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Dow Personal Care Debuts EcoSmooth Polymers
Dow Personal Care, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, recently introduced EcoSmooth, a new family of conditioning polymers that provide outstanding benefits in shampoo and body wash applications, according to the company.

EcoSmooth Silk Conditioning Polymer is the first innovation in the EcoSmooth platform. A non-cationic conditioning technology developed to provide conditioning properties similar to silicone in shampoo formulations, EcoSmooth Silk was developed to address consumer demand for silicone-free shampoos.

EcoSmooth Silk Conditioning Polymers provide an alternative to silicone while also delivering exceptional conditioning benefits, foam stability and prevention of product build-up on the hair.

EcoSmooth Satin, launched in 2011, is the second member of the EcoSmooth family and provides personal care brand owners a non-cationic conditioning ingredient for body wash and mild conditioning shampoo formulations, according to the company. EcoSmooth Satin allows formulators to create clear formulations with at least equivalent conditioning performance to cationic polymers at competitive prices.

Other recent rollouts include Opulyn PQG Opacifier, a versatile distinct opacifying technology that allows formulators to create creamy conditioning body washes, shampoos and liquid hand soaps.
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