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New Active from Silab Is Rich In Purified Alisma Peptides

April 30, 2012

New Active from Silab Is Rich In Purified Alisma Peptides

New Active from Silab Is Rich In Purified Alisma Peptides

The skin’s primary function is to form an effective barrier against physical, chemical and microbiological stress. Two barriers act simultaneously and in coordination and condition the skin’s first line of defense: the permeable mechanical barrier and the immune biological barrier.

As a result, Silab developed Indufence, an active ingredient rich in purified alisma peptides that activates and optimizes the skin’s natural immune functions by a mechanism similar to that of a probiotic, without causing inflammation, according to the company.

Indufence improves global skin quality, said Silab, and thus can be incorporated in all moisturizing and anti-aging skin care.

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AkzoNobel Launches Sustainable Polymer
Creating more natural and sustainable hair styling products has historically been a significant challenge for the formulating chemist.

To satisfy consumers’ desire for styling products with increased sustainability along with high performance, the Global Personal Care business of AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry, has introduced Structure Style polymer, a naturally-derived, starch-based product that provides multiple styling benefits along with the potential for significant formulation cost savings, according to the company.

The polymer (INCI: Hydroxypropyl starch phosphate) features effective rheology modification and film-forming capabilities to provide both excellent thickening and long-lasting hold, said AkzoNobel. It can be used alone or in conjunction with traditional rheology control polymers to help create styling products that are high-performing, aesthetically pleasing and economical.

Structure Style polymer is a naturally derived, non-GMO, modified potato starch that offers unique textural attributes and high clarity compared with traditional starches. It provides formulators a new way to create more natural gels, mousses and styling products, according to AkzoNobel.

The polymer is recommended for use in a wide range of styling products, including translucent hair gels, styling creams and lotions, mousses, serums, waxes and pomades.

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Versatile Skin Vitalizer from Evonik
To counteract the signs of aging, Evonik offers Tego Arjuna S, a standardized solution of pentacyclic triterpenes from the bark of the arjun tree. This plant has a long history of use in India’s Ayurvedic medicine.

Based on this tradition, Evonik developed an active ingredient with broad activity to combat the signs and effects of hormonal aging. Beside the shown efficacy, Tego Arjuna S has the advantage to be State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) accepted.

According to Evonik, Tego Arjuna S helps ease aging without hormonal influence unlike other active ingredients used for this kind of application. As more consumer products targeted for special age groups enter the market, Tego Arjuna S is an ideal active for the various application types for mature respectively menopausal skin. Due to its broad activity, it is especially suitable for product focusing on treatments of dark circles or scalp care applications.

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Legance New from Sederma
Legance, the latest active ingredient launched by Sederma, is designed to fight against leg discomfort and premature aging. By inhibiting the inflammatory phenomena leading to lipid storage and water retention, Legance restores a more dynamic circulation in the legs and relieves the sensation of tiredness, according to the company. It is based on a vegetal extract of Zingiber zerumbet (ginger).

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Lonza To Launch Plant-Based Active
The latest debut at Lonza Personal Care is the Vivillume plant-based active, which restores skin’s beauty to reveal a recharged, youthful appearance. Derived from the White Bird of Paradise plant, Vivillume active is a skin revitalizer that promotes a radiant complexion by reducing the appearance of dark pigmentation associated with the presence of excess bilirubin, said the company.

Lonza Personal Care is also proud to offer its new FormulaProtect interactive, an online application that allows formulators to save time and easily identify preservatives that best suit their specific needs.

By simply selecting specific formulation criteria such as pH, required spectrum, formulation type, regulatory and organizational approvals, among other criteria, the user will be presented with a selection of recommended preservative options along with detailed information on each of them.

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EES Cosmetic Solutions Launches Enhanced Company Website
EES Cosmetic Solutions has rolled out an enhanced company website,, which now offers customers the ability to log in at any time to request samples and order raw materials.

“We at EES are excited about the quick and efficient way our customers can navigate the website and now place sample requests and purchase orders with ease.We are constantly looking for ways to streamline processes and make interactions with our company seamless,” said CEO Ed Schack.

The company’s new website now features a detailed list of its principals’ products, ordering sizes and costs as well as providing registered users the ability to place orders and request samples of products for trial formulations.

Clients and customers are asked to create an account and, once approved, can navigate the website and take advantage of the full range of information and services available.

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Pamperino Wipes Target Green Marketplace
Pamperino, a baby care wet wipes range that aims to meet the needs of both babies and parents, now contains Lenzing’s viscose fibers.

According to the company, “the Russian converter Avangard places its trust in the positive image of the Lenzing Viscose fiber brand. This decision enables parents in Russia to learn about the raw material used in Pamperino baby wipes.”

For Lenzing, sustainability begins with sourcing wood from responsibly managed forests and continues all the way through production. After use, Lenzing Viscose can even return to nature by biodegradation. With 10 of its own trademarks and established contract manufacturing, Avangard is the leading wet wipes producer in Russia.

Wolfgang Plasser, general manager of Lenzing’s Business Unit Nonwovens, said, “When talking about baby products it is always important to unite the aspects of performance and environmental sustainability. Parents are especially sensitive about the environment because they want to keep our planet liveable for their children.”

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Arylessence Targets Laundry Care Category
Fragrance house Arylessence, Inc. recently debuted a Laundry Innovation Group offering new solutions and laundry applications for marketers seeking to develop a competitive edge, according to the company. Headed by Bruce Garlick, Arylessence’s vice president of fragrance research, the innovation group is focused on the entire spectrum of laundry products from detergents, pods and fabric softeners to fabric refreshers, dryer sheets, and new, innovative products, including sprays and deodorizers.

Team members include Arylessence perfumers; specialists in application design and fragrance evaluation; and in-house experts in consumer attitudes and lifestyles, laundry trends and marketing insights. The team’s business development leader provides laundry marketers and their retail partners with unique tools to analyze competitors, identify opportunities and create sustainable marketing platforms.

“Fragrance represents 75% of the consumer impact of a laundry product,” says Steve Tanner, president of Arylessence. “A beautiful laundry fragrance not only creates a powerful consumer connection, but also is the key to long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty. This valuable corporate asset should be developed as strategically as any active ingredient or new technology.”

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