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Croda Home Care Launches Coltide Radiance

November 6, 2012

Croda Home Care Launches Coltide Radiance

Croda Home Care Launches Coltide Radiance

• Croda Home Care is presenting its latest technologies formulated to deliver outstanding performance in home care consumer products. Coltide Radiance is the company’s newly launched fabric conditioner additive.

Extensive testing has proven that it reduces color loss during the wash process, prevents graying of whites and also reduces both fabric and fiber damage, said the company. This combination of benefits results in clothes looking like they have been washed half as often. The novel product is based on a hydrolyzed protein backbone and delivers these results at very low inclusion levels.

Also in the spotlight is ModiSurf Clarity, which takes a new approach to modifying the nature of hard surfaces such as glass and polymerics to repel limescale and reduce their tendency to mist up.

As well as being a high performing ingredient, ModiSurf Clarity contains more than 60% renewable raw materials and is biodegradable, unlike polymeric alternatives.

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Ei Gains LicenseFor Novel Sphingolipids
• Charlotte, NC-based Ei, a Pharma-ceutical SolutionWorks, has signed agreements with European-based professors and technologists for the exclusive worldwide license of a novel class of sphingolipids.

Sphingolipids are found in the extracellular spaces of the stratum corneum, where they play a critical role in strengthening the barrier function of the skin, promoting moisture retention and increasing elasticity of the skin, according to the company.

The specific technology consists of a novel lamellar lipid topically delivered through a custom formulation system. In preliminary clinical studies, the technology has demonstrated significantly better barrier function with substantial improvement in moisture retention when compared to commercially available sphingolipid compounds. As part of this exclusive licensing arrangement, Ei has been granted options on several related technologies in various stages of development.

Ei provides product development, analytical and clinical services to develop solutions for Rx pharmaceutical, OTC, therapeutic skin care, topical (semi-solid and liquid) and animal health products.

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Micro Powders Appoints US Agent for Personal Care
• Micro Powders, Inc. appointed new sales agents for the US. EES Cosmetic Solutions, Emultec, McCullough & Associates and Pacific Coast Chemical Co. (PCC) will represent Micro Powders’ personal care product line of specialty micronized wax additives.

Micro Powders, Inc. (MPI) designs and manufactures innovative specialty micronized waxes.

EES Cosmetic Solutions will service the Northeast area. Emultec will be representing Micro Powders in Texas. McCullough & Associates will service the Southeast region. Pacific Coast Chemical Co. will service the West Coast.

Micro Powders, Inc. will service the Midwest region and should be contacted directly with any inquires.

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Seppic Expands Range Of Natural Polymers
• Seppic is launching a new thickening and texturizing polymer of 100% plant origin, Solagum Tara. This natural gum is a polysaccharide derived from Tara seeds, an emblematic shrub native to the Andean valleys of Peru. It can be used to thicken and stabilize emulsions and cream-gels, and also acts as a texturizing agent by providing them with a structuring effect and soft feel.

Marketed as a powder that hydrates instantly in water, this nonionic polysaccharide can be used hot or cold. Solagum Tara is recommended for medium or thick consistency formulations in concentrations ranging from 0.5% to 2%. It also provides a high resistance to electrolytes; making it particularly suitable for Chassis formulas, according to the company.

This launch completes Seppic’s range of natural polymers, including Solagum AX (based on acacia and xanthan), designed for formulas with thinner consistencies.

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NOVA Debuts New Wireless Device and Software
• NOVA Technology Corporation recently rolled out the new wireless DPM 9003BT skin hydration testing instrument, portable with Bluetooth technology.

Singerie software enables dermatology and skin care researchers to use the wireless device to collect skin hydration data and simultaneously use an iPad mobile digital service to capture a test site image, according to the company.

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