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Chemspec Launches LDPE Wax

February 23, 2017

Deurex E 06 & E 12 K are now available.

ChemSpec Ltd., Uniontown, OH, has rolled out Deurex E 06 and Deurex E 12 K, low molecular weight, low-melting point PE waxes, which have applications in a range of products, including cosmetics and skin care products. They are produced by Deurex AG, Elsteraue, Germany, a leader in the research and development of a variety of natural and synthetic waxes. Deurex E 06 and Deurex E 12 are non-polar, low melting, non-oxidized additives that act as dispersion aids, lubricants, flow promoters and release agents.

“The key inspiration for our research on the Deurex products was to prove its viability as a competitive and productive alternative for the marketplace−from a technical, regulatory, and price perspective," said Dave Moreland, president, ChemSpec. "Ultimately, research won out as we look forward to extending our Deurex product portfolio offering to existing clients and beyond.”

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