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Chemidex Search Engine Now in French, Chinese

December 9, 2005

Chemidex, provider of specialized search engine services for the global chemical industry, announced that it has released the latest version of its core industry service, the Chemidex Cybrary, in three new languages: French, Mandarin Chinese and Simplified Chinese. The company had previously offered its site in English and German.
In addition, the company announced the expansion of its offering to the food and beverage, and the household, institutional and Industrial cleaners (HI&I) sectors of the chemical industry.
The Chemidex Cybrary is one of the chemical industry's most powerful search engine, designed specifically to accelerate the formulation of household and personal products. Founded in 1997 to serve the paint and coatings industry, Cybrary members now include more than 23,000 formulators representing over 5,000 manufacturers in the global chemical industry. The Cybrary allows chemists and product developers to search for detailed technical data, examine material safety data sheets (MSDS), find answers for specific formulation questions, order chemical samples and receive technical assistance from the experts that created the products listed in the Cybrary.
Bruce Ianni, founder and CEO of Chemidex, commented, “Given the pace of change in the chemical industry today, R&D scientists all over the world are faced with a number of common challenges. With development times shrinking and the cost of failure rising, getting started quickly is more important than ever. We're pleased to be able to serve these new markets with the most advanced technology and tools available today and to meet their growing needs for global reach with local language options. Formulators will now have even more streamlined access to our growing library of industry chemical documents that are otherwise invisible to general search engines, and there's no question that our all our new features will enable suppliers to be more responsive to their prospective industry buyers.”
The Chemidex Cybrary offers free membership to all qualified formulators. or
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