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The Fragrance Foundation Adds Scent Directory

Published March 9, 2006
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The Fragrance Foundation is proud to announce the launch of The Fragrance Foundation’s Fragrance Directory, its first comprehensive fragrance resource available online at www.fragrance.org. The site was adapted by FiFi Award winner and author Michael Edwards from his FragrancesoftheWorld.Info marketing database. His first book, Fragrances of the World, has been available for more than 20 years. His copyrighted classification system is now available in new online format. Mr. Edwards’ FragrancesoftheWorld.Info is a Fifi-Award-winning web-based research encyclopedia with multi-search features. His Fragrances of the World Online is an automated advice program to help consumers make retail choices.
Mr. Edwards wanted to find a way to make it easy for beauty editors to research fragrances while providing a website where fragrance lovers could learn more about fragrances. The Fragrance Foundation’s fragrance directory site is a resource tool for specific information on any fragrance currently distributed in the U.S. The directory is updated periodically and allows its users to find fragrance information, such as launch dates (U.S. and European), description, fragrance family category, essential oil house, as well as distributor and company contact information. The directory is searchable by the following categories: fragrances, fragrance houses, U.S. companies, fragrance families, fragrances by year, FiFi winners and Hall of Fame winners. Through its services, the site allows fragrance companies to be able to connect with journalists, sales associates and consumers.
The Fragrance Foundation is also offering fragrance companies the opportunity to add supplemental information to their listings, such as advertisements, web links and press materials. More info: Mary Ellen Lapsansky, (212) 725-2755 x206; E-mail: mlapsansky@fragrance.org; www.fragrance.org.

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