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P&G Introduces Capessa, A Website for Women

February 16, 2007

The Procter & Gamble Company launched a new website for women— The website, created by P&G Productions in conjunction with Yahoo and the Zizo Group, is an online community where women can share inspirational stories, practical tips and information relevant to various aspects of their lives.

Capessa, derived from the Latin word Capesso which means to strive to reach a place, is PGP’s first introduction to consumer-generated content in the digital space. However, PGP’s history of developing original content dates back to the 1930s when the company created soap operas.

According to Jim Stengel, global marketing officer at P&G, “The creation of Capessa follows P&G’s mission to improve the lives of the world’s consumers in meaningful ways, every day. This website provides women with relevant information that connects to their specific interests and adds value to their lives.”

P&G anticipates that this online community will allow them to learn more about the interests and product needs of women. P&G considers Capessa as a way to better understand digital space, as well as how the company can be more relevant in the lives of their consumers.

Capessa launched in the Yahoo Health section of Women who register with have access to several topic areas including parenting, pregnancy, weight loss, relationships, career, healthy living and care giving. Women generate the content posted online—through chat capabilities, blogging, individual postings and video footage. There are also resources available on the site that include links to services related to heath and wellness.

Members who post their stories online may be chosen by Capessa’s editorial team to have their experiences professionally produced into two-minute videos by PGP and the Zizo Group. The videos capture personal experiences and life-changing moments that women have experienced throughout their lives.

“ is an innovative example of how companies are strategically innovating with digital media,” said Roger Fishman, founder and president of The ZiZo Group. “Developing sustainable digital business models provides new ways to listen to, learn from and engage with online communities and is key for long term brand-building.”