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TricorBraun Launches Multi-National Website

Published October 3, 2007
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TricorBraun has launched its multinational, multilingual website.

One of the world’s largest suppliers of rigid packaging, TricorBraun has been internationally sourcing containers for the past 14 years, and since its first sale to Japan in 1999, has become increasingly active sourcing and selling rigid packaging around the globe.

“The new website lends increased emphasis and visibility to our intercontinental presence,” according to Peter Retos, senior vice president of global strategies.

In addition to improving navigation within the site and making information easier to locate, the company has added domains that take its international customers directly to the TricorBraun website in their native language. The multilingual sites include: www.tricorbraun.es, www.tricorbraun.fr, www.tricorbraun.de, www.tricorbraun.eu, www.tricorbraun.jp, www.tricorbraun.co.uk, www.tricorbraun.it and www.tricorbraun.cn.

The company also has added new information for products that can be found under the “Featured Items” area of the site. More info: www.tricorbraun.com.

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