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HallStar Enhances Website for Visitors

Published August 6, 2008
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The HallStar Company, a Chicago-based specialty chemistry business, enhanced its corporate website for international visitors. All product data sheets are now available in English and 22 other languages. Formulators, marketers and managers in Japan, China, Sweden, Russia and many other countries can now read in their native languages the product descriptions, properties, features, benefits and much more.

“Our global businesses in personal care and polymer additives are growing as more and more companies turn to HallStar for specialized solutions that improve the performance of their products,” said John Paro, president and chief executive officer of HallStar. “Our customers are constantly looking for ways to enhance and improve the performance of their products.”

To use the translation system, log on to www.hallstar.com and select a product category—polymer additives or personal care ingredients.

Users can then search by industry or product name. When a product information sheet is displayed, a banner with 22 national flags appears and the user can “translate” the sheet by selecting that particular flag. The system relies on Google automatic translations, and in some instances the translated text is an approximation of the original English.

“Google understands that its automatic system can be enhanced,” said Justin Bill, HallStar’s e-business manager. “They invite users to submit better translations online if problems are identified.”

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