Top Companies Report

45. State

July 3, 2008

Cleveland, OH
Sales: $125 million


$125 million

Key Personnel:

Harold Uhrman, chief executive officer; Robert San Julian, president and chief operating officer.

Chief Technology Officer:

Mark Moermond, technology director.

Chief Marketing Officer:

Jim Beard, executive vice president, marketing.

Major Products:

Green Seal-certified cleaners, drain maintenance, hand care, restroom care, water treatment and related products for the building, government, education, health care and industrial markets. Fragrance Factory odor control, 24/7 Drain Maintenance System, State One Solution concentrated cleaners.

New Products:

Redesigned Fragrance Factory, Gold Fragrance Paks, Ecolution Grease Trap Maintainer, Ecolution Coil Cleaner, Ecolution Bio-Floor Cleaner, Ecolution Institutional Foaming Hand Cleaner.


Formed in 1911, State Industrial Products is a privately-held company with a focus on “Care for Work Environments.” In tune with today’s green wave, State Industrial Products has been certified to the ISO 9001:2000 standard for quality since 2001 and the ISO 14001 standard for environmental management since 2002.
State is an active participant in the Consumer Specialty Products Association Product Care program. It offers products certified to Green Seal’s GS-37 standard for cleaners, GS-40 for floor care and GS-41 for hand cleaners. State also offers products awarded EPA Design for the Environment (DfE) certification. The company’s Ecolution Grease Trap Maintainer is the most recent product to earn this certification. According to the company, it is preferred by municipalities because it is 100% bacterial cultures and contains no emulsifying agents.
The Ecolution Pro line of green cleaning products led to the development of additional green cleaning and maintenance products in 2008 such as Ecolution Coil Cleaner, Grease Trap Maintainer, Bio Floor Cleaner and Foaming Institutional Hand Cleaner.
The Fragrance Factory system, a top product line for the company for nearly two decades, received a major redesign for 2008. Contemporary styling, versatility and an enhanced fragrance  distribution system were the focal points of this initiative. The battery operated Fragrance Factory is mounted to a wall where it silently eliminates tough odors and refreshes the room with gel-filled Fragrance Paks.