Top Companies Report

50. State Industrial Products

July 12, 2011

Cleveland, OH


Sales: $105 million


$105 million.

Key Personnel:

Hal Uhrman, chief executive officer; Brian Limbert, chief operating officer; Jim Beard, senior vice president, marketing; Eric Kowalewski, vice president, operations.

Major Products:

Drain care, air enhancement, water treatment and water management, personal care, floor care, cleaning and disinfection, grounds care, and the Ecolution line of environmentally-preferred Green Seal and Ecologo certified products. Major dispensing systems include the Fragrance Factory Air Enhancement System, the Soap Factory Hand Care System, the 24/7 Automatic Drain Care System, the SuperCool Cooling Water Treatment System, and the 1-Solution Dilution System.


With facilities throughout the US, Canada and Puerto Rico, State Industrial Products has an established reputation as a leading manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemical products, systems and programs for cleaning and maintenance markets. Since 1911, the company has been committed to enhancing building environments, improving equipment productivity and helping customers“care for work environments.”

Last July, State Industrial Products divested its UZ Engineered Products division, a transaction that State said represented a unique opportunity “to embolden its growth strategy. “ Coupled with State’s entry into the ware wash market, an award winning green product line, and investments in state of the art production and distribution facilities, the divestiture provided an excellent opportunity to intensify its chemical strategy, the company said.

In addition, State continues to focus on the North American roll-out of the Circle of Service program, a five-step program that begins with a facility survey and progresses to specific solutions, program installation, staff training and ongoing service and support. Customers benefiting from the Circle of Service report improved operations reduced costs and increased satisfaction from the users and occupants of the facility, according to the company.

Related End-User Markets:

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